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This is unheard of pretty much in the province I moved from.

Also every second person I talk to is from Alberta or Ontario and moved here in the past 5 years.

In the 20-40 demographic there are about 1.1-1.3 females to males in Victoria (circa 2001?

), then it evens out until 70 where females again outnumber males.

(It is quite widespread) Was it:1) a Victoria man trying to convince his woman to stay with him?

The rain shadow effect we have here in Victoria and the Saanich peninsula is unique to us MYTH # 3 It is so expensive to live here TRUTH --- best kept secret's not.

Again I have spoken to many transplants from the west and including my own experience and the cost of living and the cost of rent is very on par with Alberta. I think people do not realize how much the west ( mostly Calgary and Edmonton ) have grown and prospered.

Thank God these emails are not indicative of the vast majority of very fine women living on the Island 2 reasons - number one your a good looking black man and a black man on the island is like a rare bird sighting.

Number 2 -- Victoria is a small town city ...cheating here would be like swimming naked in a fishbowl ^^^ You're not supposed to tell people we don't have that much rain and it's not that expensive to live here - otherwise we'll be flooded with - ugh- Vancouverites The reason it seems as though there are so few men in Victoria is that they are a breed of scaredy cats - they hide in their homes and don't come out to events where they might have to talk to people.^^ Exactly.

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