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I love wearing rough pants up against it I love, in Mexico I love, to Livy I love, to Luis I love: Lat.

I loved bra being treated like military uniform I made case out for specialised schools I made time up without delay I make assessment, providing cross I make large statue to worship I make metal ornament in bed with current nearly off I make suggestion about PR to achieve better result I march on I may be replaced by it I may have one day by Ruth or Daniel's place I meant a change to liven things up I mend TV set that's broken for selling off I mess about, struggling to be self-disciplined I met rich crook shunning company I might drop into start of course I might get you a beer, Rod (a small, short one)I might signify this I misdo translation of particular expressions I movement? I pace banks of Liffey in fury I painted Joe with oil of roses I pant, desperate for a drink I park on the street behind Sheldon: Leonard heads for exit I pay con woman for arranging ship’s ladder I pitch up to the north, by way of S American country I plan to see off a naughty child I play-act, badly out of character I played tennis like one with trapped wind I point, when coming across one simpleton I preserve bottles in the name of pioneering scientific research I printed blurrily in bold I problem? I protest domain name used by Spain is not unique I provide extra bags for money I put shampoo liberally around head of poodle — muddy animal?

II (1946)i = v/r I accept order mistakenly and went to and fro I admitted to lethargy, travelling a long way I adore getting drunk with member of band's crew I adore it terribly, Steel's latest newspaper article I advance with fool past amateur soldiers, as a gunner I agree - well deserved, getting promoted I agree nothing should be dropped from medieval shows I agree to enter a card game I agree!

I aim to cut foreign nouns and suggestive remarks I am a long time getting the likeness I am adult having to be in working order (a 15Dn say)I am boring, fussy creature I am European, into everything French for a short break I am man gone to struggle I am not in Barking to save a life I am on the way - the way forward I am on time and socially acceptable without any preparation I am satisfactory, turning up in gardens in casual wear I am sorry, darling (repeatedly)I am taken aback when rule is introduced in country I am to act as a go-between next I am to blame!

I wander uphill to see native New Zealander I want a variable source of income I want more from officer before coming round I want to change old couple I was a competitor clad in green?

I was in charge of Asian nation I waste time cuddling sweetheart in the best possible way I will abandon useless vehicle I will gather wood for burning I will get involved in playing Ross at Lords?

I face shrieks becoming wild for musical group I fell after motorway accident I finish off beer in a single continuous action I follow sheep round middle of field in symbolic representation I fool Self to get a line and H for myself! I gave Reg fluid for pain I get an encore - or the bird I get knocked down by one in news deal when cycling I get so agitated no one should ignore me I get spoilt after massage, revealing part of body I get upset about some paper round's starting point I glance about like one watching over you?

I go ahead, not straight I go downhill in rally, occasionally taking chances I go out for a bit and sweat, ultimately unfit?

I'm engaged in game, dismissing a second ringing of bell?

You, one hears, unprepared I have beastly struggles with mom’s old model of car on winding road I have been caught in trap and accept defeat I have invested in a car, where a boat is needed I have returned to impress, it's plain to see I have stone brought in to secure animals I have to follow guest appearance, perhaps, working in opposition I have trouble going westbound to the London area to make a connection I have, in Le Havre I head around Rhode Island from peninsula I hear an American poet solved the riddle of the pseudo hotel patron …I heard follower used to put dark side into orbit I heard that monarchs will suppress regressive personality I heartlessly intended to eat sweet, liking sauce I help Northern Ireland after reversal I hoard bananas in beehive, perhaps I I had turned into I II ignore picket fence in outskirts of suburb in California? I in "The King and I"I in radio alphabet I join Bond's boss arranging raid above ground level I just don't believe it!

I keep article penned by rude men I keep time, but I'm missing from relaunch of 28 27I Kings king I leave after receiving new tirade not affected by knowledge I leave guy improperly for American universities I left after endless waiting around first I left Egyptian city for a girl I left revolting retsina behind I left without desire to score I left, after entering country American abandoned eagerly I lend an ear, desperate to get a booster I let loose with kisser resembling a nun, perhaps I lids?

I, say, come for vacation, say I, to Claudius I, to historians I, to Wilhelm II-5 through Los Angeles, I-79 terminus I-79's northern terminus I-80 and U.

Immobilize, rodeo-style Immobilized by a storm, m Immobilized while mending Immobilized, as an arm Immobilized, in a way Immobilizer Immobilizes Immoderate Immoderate amount Immoderate eater Immoderate indulgence Immoderation Immodest acts online had to lead to tears Immodest exclamation Immodest Googling Immodesty Immoral Immoral and indecent commercial Immoral behaviour Immoral behaviour very supported by murder in USImmoral shade like 5 across? Immorality in trio up for rolling round in cheese Immortality, of a sort Immortalizer of Notre Dam Immovable Immovable armada?

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