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” I thought as I nervously drank my coffee.“Sorry about last night,” he said, making me almost spit out my coffee.“Uh, what do you mean?

” I asked, trying not to give anything away.“I’m not sure if you slept well with me taking up half your bed,” he said.“Oh, I slept just fine,” I told him with great relief. ”“Good, it was warm and cozy,” he said, probably alluding to my pussy.

He quickly moved my bikini panties aside and rubbed his head over my wetness before slowly pushing his length in.

I felt every inch of him entering and stretching my pussy until his head was buried deep inside of me.

I didn’t want him to tell anyone, but I didn’t know how to make sure he kept his mouth closed.

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I couldn’t move or he would find out that I was awake and letting him do what he wanted with me.I moved my head down to bite on my shirt as my orgasm approached.“Mmmmggg,” he moaned as he filled my pussy with his fertile seed.I curled my toes under the blanket and bit down hard on my shirt while my orgasming pussy milked every drop of his hot cum.In the morning, I was the first one to wake up in the house and I immediately headed for the shower.I wanted Brad to wake up by the time I got out, so he would see that I hadn’t noticed anything from the previous night and that I wasn’t acting strange.“I came so good last night,” I thought, detaching the showerhead to bring it between my legs.He was awake by the time I orgasmed and got out of the shower but so were all the other boys.They were putting on their shoes and grabbing their stuff from the living room when I went over in my robe to offer them some breakfast.He enjoyed the feeling of being completely inside of my hot and wet pussy before moving his hips back to begin fucking me.He slowly and deeply penetrated me as I tried my best to continue pretending I was asleep.I don’t want for my son and his friends to find out about this. He had me in a tough spot and my body slowly started to react with arousal.“Fuck, I’m getting so wet,” I thought.Right when he tried to move my panties aside, I turned my body to put an end to his actions.

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  1. So one night Ben gestured for her to come and look at the computer screen; on it was a picture of a younger woman in her twenties giving oral sex to a man."Ben you know how I feel about that crap in the house." "No, you don't understand," he said calmly, "I want us to maybe look at some pictures together…Carol was not pleased with the idea on the other hand.