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-We have just one thing to answer to that : Harem Heroes will last forever ! You see, high level players get better gear from the shops each time they level up, but everything else doesn't, will we get an update for that? Globally, we are making the game more interesting and engaging! Could you please remove the refresh button in the market? Energy Fruit to be avaliable in pachinko 2 (white) 4 (green) 10 energy (epic). Let the lvl of the girls influence for income or decreasing of time for next donation. Seeing as futa girls have been apearing in different worlds every now and then, can we hope for an equipable futa girl in the near future? Actually, would be cool to have more girls of all sorts, that you would get outside stories by grinding trolls. our girls are a bit stereotyped for now so why not more black, asian, plump, tatooed girls? Something like: Will the normal pachinko be useful someday? It's hard to avoid it on smartphone and I lost 144 kobans because of it already. (0,5%money increase per lvl or -0,5% of collect time per lvl) -No Alright, anyway, Porco Rosso will appear next week in here, and you will be able to ask more if you want :smiley: Porco: Thanks to everybody again, see you next week for more. it just reward you with white and green stuff that doesn't work for high level players. Do you have a set goal for how many worlds you want to add to the game by the end? -We are thinking about implimenting this, yet this is not one of our priority. When might we see the other Event Mission girls (Like Boku Mi Mai, Secretary Rabbi, Flight Attendant, etc.) return to the game and will events like this become a regular thing? When the Pv P update eventually hits, will we see the level discrepancy between players who have been battling villains and players who have been battling other players (since the level cap went up to 400) addressed? Are there any other harmettes with planned redesigns/art updates like Justine received? -We are reworking the overall reward system to make it more appealing for everyone. -We are trying to reintroduce the different girls as often as possible without making them too common. Is this something that will concern lower level players? -Justine was a specific case in which we worked with an young illustrator for the first time and we couldn’t make the usual modification to fit her more in the usual art direction of the game. -if you mean an independent Anime outside the game, it’s not planned. -We’re late to release the full rebalance of the game, sorry for that. -We’re focused on developing “CONTEST” so hopefully, soon we’ll have a bit of time to work on polishing and releasing the rebalance. Will there be an event where you can get all previous girls? - We just started doing questionnaires, we are going to do more and more in the future, and yes, improve! Issue with ego in troll fight too, if we wanna get more money/exp from fight, we must have lowest stat possible so peoples invest minimum in stat, keep girls lvl1 and lowest gear...really see any progression. Have you guys ever considered making threesome or even foursome affection scenes that are combinable with your different Harem girls? And Ankyo would be the center of it, thanks for noticing the Mecha reference ahaha 18. Currently there are 40 girls in the game, Will there be a patreon only girl or some special girl limits to a selection of people? All you need to do, so you can start your sexy journey in Spanish is: Drop-down menu Select Spanish. Find it under the follow us button on the top left of your page. This year Santa is coming early with an express delivery! Between the 1st and the 15th of December, discover the extended universe of the Haremverse!! Maybe, you notice that a sweet koban reward was added to your account? Now they also have levels and a new legendary level. You will learn all about the new possibilities that I’m bringing to you tomorrow. You will have a loooo-ooo-t more levels to go through. I say no more, I leave the rest to your imagination! If you manage to complete 12 daily missions out of 14 for this period the Flight Attendant will have the time to know you better! Some of your girls can’t be traveling with you, because they were kidnapped by the bad guys. I decided to give you a new quest’s navigation system, because I know that you love read again and again your adventures, for the story… It means we will open a beta server to make sure everything is perfect ! Take advantage of the x3 increased drop rate and fight them to get their festival appearance. And Let me give you those 100 kobans coming from my own stock. From the 5th of April till the 19th, complete at least 12 of the Lent daily missions, so Ishtar joins your harem. Dear Harem Heroes, we wish you a Merry & Kinky end of year celebration! it's been a crazy year for our team and we did not expect you to love our game so much... S extra special thanks to all Nutaku's team & community... :/ But now, they all understand their mistake, and they are ready to take responsibility on it!:smiley: We are always taking into an account your remarks and ideas! I was just wondering if there would ever be a way to transfer kobans between personal accounts? Will there be a credit list of people that support the game by translathing text and so on? So about Credits it's a matter of finding where to display it. -Sure, but imagning the scenes is one thing, imagning the ergonomy of the interface for multiple affection is a headache :smiley: 16. Is there a chance that you might make a monthly event where for 1 day in a month you get to do Epic Pachinko rolls for 50% of the usual price? I can't tell you the conclusion since there's no conclusion :-D. Do you plan on adding to normal pachinko at least a 50x or 100x roll? -So I think general answer is Source: #qa_questions 1. You know what people say: ‘’Spanish is the language of love.’’, well it’s true! Increase your own magnetism, to the point where you make them all wet, before even touching them! A small update is coming to the game this wednesday! It’s hard for me to keep myself from touching my pussy! The cities up in the mountains must be magnificent… The Profile page, that we presented last friday, is now accessible to all of you. Complete 12 of the 14 daily space missions to defeat the evil Shadow Astis… Dark Lord and Edwarda are holding hostages whose powers might change the face of the world!! Only you are perverted enough to face the dangers that await! The cold weather is settling, and it's time for a vitamin therapy! From the 24th to the 27th of November, energy refill will cost 50% less than usual. During your nasty adventure in our universe, you will find more and more precious items covered in my juices.. Don’t be scared, honey, this will stay the horniest, the kinkiest, the best place! *kisskiss* My hero, I’ve been following you through each part of your adventure, and I’ve seen what your obstacles are. Free Travel Kalissa from the Dark Lord, and Travel Arcana from Donatien, and take them on your big….for a nice ride... *winkwink* know how much we appreciate your dedication to us!! of course ;) You are now able to go back and forth within the already completed quests, using your mouse or the arrow keys … To have a chance to be part of this test, send us an email with the following title : “Server test registration” at our [email protected] address. Save Cunegonde, Stephanie, Marina and the whole town of Hamelin from his grip. You can also find them in the Epic Pachinko along with the Queen Titania, Regine, Labor Day Girl - all Festival special! And by tomorrow, be sure you'll be able to compete. News flash : You’re already late to be the best sex hero!! Rush on the activities tab and find out what you have to do to be the best. Dark Lord and Gruntt joined their forces and captured Hari and Rabbi, the Bunny’s sisters! we just reached 500,000 players on Nutaku, can you believe it? Despite all the love you're showing by playing our game we are conscious that it's still an incomplete, flawed game... Here is what they will do for you: ♥ Players, who spent dollars for Pachinko, will receive back their money a bit more as a "Thank you for being patient with us!Will you review and rationalize the kobans costs for affection scenes, so that they become a realistic alternative to money costs? -We are thinking about clans battles in which you will fight for some territories in a specific timeframe. They both had 3 star income of ~1270/h just like almost all other girls. There's currently a big feature being programmed, it's called "CONTEST". If you don’t know how to do it, do a research on a search engine that will help you out. Or if you are just looking for a place to chill and discuss stuff with other dedicated heroes? Or find them also in the epic Pachinko By the way, when playing Epic Pachinko during events, you’ll have an event girl guaranteed. But maybe are you tired of having leaves sticked in your ass, right? Tip: be careful, because some of them last longer than normal missions. Seems like Dark Lord and Gruntt united their forces in order to capture them. We'll post there some work in progress and illustrations before they're released in the game!I think this will mean that once the other girls get 5 stars, they will get the same hourly rate as Abraël and Princess Noemy. Can we make it so that the 5 star girls are always ordered first? It should bring another dimension of fun and competition and with that feature we should also release a huge rebalance. Some other times I just saw nutaku doing crossover event, is it possible Harem Heroes doing it too? Can you tell us what BIG update do you plan on releasing next, and when? -What I explained about is not enough for march, CONTEST. If we do so, we'll probably compensate high rollers. Have you guys ever considered allowing the players to capture the trolls too, so that you can send them out into the HH world on cooldown and then they come back with items or equipment? If the issue persist, please contact the support, they will help you with pleasure. And exclusively in the Epic Pachinko, discover 2 new exclusive girls, Music Nika, a rapper with huge buns and Juin Lelierre, a nice pop singer. Go fight those thugs to get your girls’ Christmas exclusive versions! Arcana, Sung and Ankyo are really, really starving for a good candy cane. With a throbbing heart, Bunny whispers fateful words in your ear: Black Friday is approaching! Please feel free to give us feedback on our blog, you'll find the link on the homepage. We are glad to introduce you this new feature which is going to improve communication about the game updates.

Do the devs intend to remove trolls' girls from being droppable in the epic pachinko some day, or will they stay forever droppable? We worked really hard and dedicated a lot of time to this big project and it is time to introduce you to the first wave of changes we will provide within the close future. Here we are in the Haremverse at the start of a month branded with the seal of love. The favorite sport of the trolls is of course recruiting girls into their harems. Finally, three new girls enter the pachinko in a permanent manner. Bunny’s arch-rival, she’ll try everything to make her jealous! Don’t judge her by her small frame, she knows how to turn you into a sexual slave! Discover Ankyo and Red Battler new grades and affection scenes, and princess Tania new avatars design. Discover: the little Zoe, who’ll bring peps to your nights, Salem the severe dark mage, and Edna, a peculiar mechanic! The holidays are over for everyone in Harem world!! To show my gratitude, I packed a small gift that will be delivered to you today. Finally, 9 new permanent and exclusive girls are arriving at the epic pachinko.

-The different updates will begin to swing by in maximum 2 weeks and have splitted them in 4 batches. Can you tell us how much xp is needed to level up a girl to a certain level or do the we the players need to make that ourself? Come to show us your amazing harem and discuss with the other members of the community in the popping menu in the top right corner of your screen, and then click on “Forum”. We are getting more and more epic, and mostly, even kinkier and kinkier. So, come, fuck, collect us, fuck us again, cum all over us, let us drink your energy till you’re dry. Dear hero, I have a good news for your tasty parts. We have to remove the link to it, and properly fix the bug. Do you sometimes feel like telling everyone about your great harem? Fight Dark Lord to hire Gwenaelle in your harem, the shaman singer. Santa Claudia will land her sledge in Harem Heroes from the 14th to the 28th of December! Here are your advent good actions to do: Santa’s Chase: Santa Claudia will join your Harem!!!! only if you fulfil 12 of the 14 exclusive Christmas daily missions.

We cannot provide right now any date for the final batch delivery 7. Can you disclose some parts of what you have in mind for clans/clubs/guilds/whatever feature? Will we have more girls having Jessie for inspiration? - Detailling the full formula here would be quite long and perhaps it is not so interesting. I see that both Abraël and Princess Noemy have a 4 star income of ~1700/h and a 5 star income of ~3100/h. Do you plan on removing the koban cost for collecting the income from harem, if yes, is it going to be any time soon? If you are still encountering some connection issue, you need to clean your cache before connecting again to the game! Thanks to you and our friends from Kimochi, we can now go wild with VR!!! I promise it will be back at the soonest possible moment. Or perhaps sometimes you are looking for some advices and how to optimize yours stats? And save Noemy from Gruntt to have her explicit Metal Rock version. Every day for 14 days you’ll have one exclusive daily mission to complete. Dear heroes, We are pleased to present our Patreon page!

-We are currently not working on anything of the sort. Lupa and Bunny had a fight during a trip they took together. Go face them to retrieve the loving versions of Bunny and Lupa. A small update is coming to the game next week as I will release the new quest for you! You can read all the official details within the patch note, by clicking here. We would like to inform you that this is because of a huge server overload we happen to encounter. Good weather is back in town - culture and celebrating from the 1st of May until the 15th!

The Harem will see its organisation a bit reworked in a close future. In regards to the questionnaires, would it be possible for the most frequent/requested changes/preferences be listed in another questionnaire/list of some kind for us to see? The Ninja Spy and Dark Lord were passing by when, terrified by their screaming, they separated them from their fighting… Or you can find all of them in the Epic Pachinko along with the loving versions of Pelagie, Justine and Virginia. It will bring some changes regarding the daily missions and contest claiming system. We are working on it, hoping it will be fixed asap. In August, continue your vacations in the harem world by exploring it! To all new heroes: The villain took your starting money, but we got them back! Party and go around the world while fucking your girls and the new ones! Achieve 12 of the 14 daily Festival missions, so she can join your harem!

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