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-These bosses will be harder than the current ones, won’t use your combativity to be fought and will be totally independant of the story. More information will come after we release the different updates on the PVP. Can you tell us more about the details of the cap on affection? players lvl40 have a lot of money and except pachinko for book/affection, we dont know what to do with this money... You need to come back here and start abusing my zones! From today me and all your girls start the celebrations all around the harem world!!! And only for this event, you will be able to loot legendary affection items on trolls without special event girls. As they were going to join you at the chalet, Hari and Bunny’s mom were captured by the Dark Lord and Gruntt respectively. Find their hideouts, face them and save your haremettes! Finally, play the Epic Pachino to recruit for your harem special winter versions of Edna, Sophie and discover the pretty Viola, a mechanic who’s body warms all hearts. Face the Dark Lord and Gruntt to win the Christmas versions of Agathe and Bunny. Soon, you will have a special page that will gather many details about your sexy adventures and in which you will be able to show to the whole world how beautiful your harem is. Recruit into your interstellar harem the beautiful mercenary Alexandra, the independent Lieutenant Kayle and the intrepid Bernadette Barda! If you are a newbie, you will have the unique chance to discover the story with our new systems and art. *winkwink* Honey, It’s true I gave a lot of presents to you for our Anniversary. Fight Dark Lord to have Red battler special summer version in your harem. With good weather coming back, outfits are getting shorter, girls are getting (even more ! Discover new exclusive girls: Virginia, the kinky teacher and Deitra the Femen! The death admittance was intense and really emotional!! Cupid’s in town for Valentine’s Day, from February the 1st to February the 15th! Achieve 12 of the 14 daily Saint Valentine’s missions so Cupid joins your harem. 2017 is gonna be an awesome year for HHeroes lovers!!! But before giving head, she wants you to give a bit of your heart. They declared themselves Santas and took them from your harem.-This is explained within the patch notes, here 6. I would like to invite you to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Nutaku with us! And in the Epic Pachinko, find special versions of Arcana, Sung Tai Ki and Ankyo, exclusively for Christmas! And save Eugenie from Edwarda to have her summer version also. And exclusively in the Epic Pachinko, find summer version of Samane, Geekette and Leeditt. I promised you a forum that you could use to speak with the other players, two weeks ago. During these 14 days of intense fucking you will have an explicit chance of getting the super cool and nasty event girls from In the harem world, June is about music! Weeks ago, you bought lots of tickets for different concerts! Now, why not take a little nice and surely deserved walk into the magical forest? New girls, new features, new events, new new improved super better stuff. but there too don't worry we're as impatient as you are. From the 14th to the 28th of December, complete 12 of the 14 exclusive Santa’s Daily missions to get Santa Claudia in your Harem!! They were on Dark Lord’s and Gruntt’s wish list (they let it fall on the ground of your harem. Fight them to get Christmas Bunny and Winter Agate!it just drops trash that no one needs at least for high level players it is. Also, could you add a button to sell all white items? Is it okay if you add a confirmation log or tab for selling items? Can you, or will you replace the "OK" button after battling a troll with "Combat again!

Shared customer opinions can help businesses determine their opinions, after all. Well, we have a big announcement to make, your favorite game is now available in Spanish! Well, with new levels, I had to also think of the items you need. Prepare your cock for improvements and new systems. Until the 15th of August, your only job will be to travel with nasty girls and fuck them hard. Yet we need some fiery and reckless players to pass them through the test ! A nasty villain entered the city and messed up the kobans shop. The Dark Lord captured Solveig, and Edwarda retain Bonny prisoner. So to compensate, you have the permission to treat me really bad, in every hole ;). Fuck a goddess and have the chance to get her in your harem! ;) Hello, Apparently some of our Harem girls went crazy during last day, and decided to take it off on the Pachinko!

(Like adding a customizability so that we have the ability to rearrange the girls's order and instead having them at the left part of the screen we can have a choice to change it into a window so we dont have to scroll very for a long time[having a lot of girls in your team] just to find whose cash is ready to be collected.) -Yes, more news will come about this subject. Will selling items to the market and earning from girls and arena be the only way we can earn cash? Before we continue to the yes or no suggestions from @Sargaras, Porco says: hey, guys each time we do this session I feel so good. -Maybe, interesting idea, you should develop more about this idea. You can allow to get the girls from the past events in it (1st it give a change to get them even if you missed it, 2nd - more fun and social life inside of the game). Donation center: donate 100.000 daily and get a nice prizes at the end of week (randomly from the list). Girls fluids bank (do something with your girls and spend your energy, same energy as for quests) and get UNIQUE currency for somekind of Fluids store only. I dont know if someone proposed this: achivements&daily(weekly&montlhy) login rewards. (like mermaid, harpies, slimegirl etc) -Had this kind of conversation this morning, so yes. Can we hope for some major game improvements in the future? Bonny, the angry pirate, Eugenie the hungry captain and Jeanne, the noble archeologist. A few words about the content: the 3rd and 4th quests of Invaded Kingdom are now opened! Thanks for playing Harem Heroes and be prepared for some great news next week!

We will also add a new layer to the Harem that will provide personal informations about the girls. Will there be no cap to the increment of affection based on how many girls we get? -No, we are thinking about multiple ways to provide players with incomes. Will the story be like one of those never ending shounen animes? -PVP will be more interesting, market items will be distributed with a better algorithm, some drop rates will change, etc. -Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese 8. Thank you for being here and having this interest, we will work and provide the best to you :wink: (promises to be more on Discord) -Yes/No 12. -Yes, one day, but it's not going to happen now :/ 22. First of all, thank you for taking the time to anwser our questions.

it just reward you with white and green stuff that doesn't work for high level players. Do you have a set goal for how many worlds you want to add to the game by the end? -We are thinking about implimenting this, yet this is not one of our priority. When might we see the other Event Mission girls (Like Boku Mi Mai, Secretary Rabbi, Flight Attendant, etc.) return to the game and will events like this become a regular thing? When the Pv P update eventually hits, will we see the level discrepancy between players who have been battling villains and players who have been battling other players (since the level cap went up to 400) addressed? Are there any other harmettes with planned redesigns/art updates like Justine received?

-We are reworking the overall reward system to make it more appealing for everyone. -We are trying to reintroduce the different girls as often as possible without making them too common. Is this something that will concern lower level players? -Justine was a specific case in which we worked with an young illustrator for the first time and we couldn’t make the usual modification to fit her more in the usual art direction of the game. -if you mean an independent Anime outside the game, it’s not planned. -We’re late to release the full rebalance of the game, sorry for that. -We’re focused on developing “CONTEST” so hopefully, soon we’ll have a bit of time to work on polishing and releasing the rebalance. Will there be an event where you can get all previous girls?

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