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Ironically it is a small part for Elias Koteas as the high school skinhead which ends up being most memorable as at least he delivers a few laughs.What this all boils down to is that "Some Kind of Wonderful" is an entertaining 80s teen drama but not an overly memorable one.It's not that this is different territory for Hughes as again this is an 80s teen movie which focuses on teenage turmoil's and romance with what to be honest are typical John Hughes teenage characters.But what is different is that it is Howard Deutch directing, who had previously given us "Pretty in Pink", and I can only put it down to it not being Hughes directing why whilst "Some Kind of Wonderful" entertains it's not that memorable.From romantic comedies to tearjerkers, Americans clearly enjoy their love stories — and many of the biggest hits of the genre have featured equally huge Hollywood stars.

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And whilst the character of Hardy Jenns borders on being a bit over the top Craig Sheffer at least comes across as being alive.

Basically all the elements of a typical 80s teen drama are present and it does make it feel like we've seen "Some Kind of Wonderful" before in one form or another.

Now the familiarity wouldn't be an issue if it gave us something which stands out, some really funny character or twist on the expected but it never materialises.

But it just feels like it's not very sharp, as if director Deutch struggled with making the humour and romance really spark into life.

Part of this issue is down to it being familiar and that familiarity extends to the characters which with the exception of Mary Stuart Masterson who is loveable as Watts are all rather ordinary.

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