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A more cost-effective approach to certifying existing buildings should also attempt first to take advantage of the concentrated nature of efficiency opportunities by launching a rating system tailored for such buildings and their key performance indicators.Zero-net-energy buildings are become increasingly commonplace. A 2014 survey by the New Buildings Institute (NBI) identified more than 160 ZNEBs in the U.Globally, green building will likely continue its worldwide growth, especially in most countries of Europe and North America, as well as in fast-growing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, South America, and the Middle East.Each year, more government agencies, universities, property developers, and corporate real estate managers incorporate green design ideas and measures into their buildings and facilities.First, the uptake of third-party green building rating for new construction peaked during 2012–2014 and is now a steady 2,000–2,500 projects a year in the U.S., representing about 300 million sf of new construction a year.the currently more common “relative improvement” approach) is going to be an increasing focus for green building.

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Developers of speculative commercial buildings (and, in some places, new home developments) have begun to showcase ZNE designs to differentiate their projects.In my forthcoming book, "Reinventing Green Building," I identify 10 megatrends that I believe will shape green building technologies, markets, government rules, and certification systems through 2020 and beyond.The strength of a megatrend is that we can’t wish it away; it’s here to stay. In the realm of technology, the turn to mobile computing after the introduction of the i Phone in 2007 and the i Pad in 2010 is clearly such a trend, one that building owners and green building proponents cannot ignore.This trend has been developing slowly since about 2011 and now seems ready for takeoff.However, the 2014 NBI study could verify as net-zero only 33 buildings out of the reported 160 total.LEED existing building certification accounted for fewer than 550 buildings in 2014, about 1% of the total U. nonresidential building stock of 5.5 million buildings. Both initiatives capitalize on concerns over climate change and incorporate values of openness and transparency embraced by many government agencies. S., this trend is highlighted by more than 30 large and medium-sized cities requiring—not just “encouraging”—commercial building owners to disclose actual green building performance to tenants, buyers, and, in some cases, the public.Building owners and third-party service companies increasingly manage larger buildings remotely, using software platforms that provide performance monitoring, data analytics, visualization, fault detection and diagnostics, portfolio energy management, and text messaging, all using the cloud. By mid-2015, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, and Washington, D. This trend will spread rapidly as the easiest way to monitor reductions in carbon emissions from commercial and government-owned buildings.This means that the number of “verified” ZNEBs is likely to remain lower for some period of time. S., LEED may see heightened competition in new construction ratings from the Green Globes rating system and possibly from new entrants in specialized niches, such as retail or office interiors.In 20, the federal government put LEED and Green Globes on an equal footing for government projects, lending further legitimacy to Green Globes. BREEAM has already established a beachhead in Mexico.Starting with the global financial crisis of 2008–2010, the green building industry began to switch from evaluating new building projects to assessing existing buildings and tenant spaces.This trend has been solidly in place since 2011, and I expect it to accelerate, for two reasons.

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