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Although UMIST achieved independent university status in 1955, the universities continued to work together.

However, in the late-20th century, formal connections between the university and UMIST diminished and in 1994 most of the remaining institutional ties were severed as new legislation allowed UMIST to become an autonomous university with powers to award its own degrees. Before the merger, Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST counted 25 Nobel Prize winners amongst their former staff and students.

Manchester mill owner, Thomas Ashton, chairman of the extension movement had studied at Heidelberg University.

Sir Henry Roscoe also studied at Heidelberg under Robert Bunsen and they collaborated for many years on research projects.

The centre will be aimed at advancing fundamental understanding and use of materials across a variety of oil and gas industrial applications and will be modelled on a hub and spoke structure, with the hub located at Manchester, and the spokes based at the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

who had held a chair in physiology at the university since 1994. The EPSRC announced in February 2012 the formation of the National Graphene Institute.

One of the university's aims stated in the Manchester 2015 Agenda is to be one of the top 25 universities in the world, following on from Alan Gilbert's aim to "establish it by 2015 among the 25 strongest research universities in the world on commonly accepted criteria of research excellence and performance". The University of Manchester is the "single supplier invited to submit a proposal for funding the new £45m institute, £38m of which will be provided by the government" – (EPSRC & Technology Strategy Board).

Beyer funded the total cost of construction of the Beyer building to house the biology and geology departments.

His will also funded Engineering chairs and the Beyer Professor of Applied mathematics. The Owens College Extension Movement based their plans after a tour of mainly German universities and polytechnics.

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