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Having a dog in the home may be something this man cannot compromise because it's too emotionally and/or physically difficult for him.Devoted pet owners sometimes have compelling reasons to find their faithful, beloved dog a new home.Having said this, we believe that it is beneficial for you to try to find a workable compromise.This can be a good opportunity to gain insight into the way you solve problems together, and how you view the subject of compromise.This will prove to one of the important factors to consider when you decide if you're right for each other to marry.You can start by acknowledging each other's feelings about having the dog in your lives.

It can be harder still to understand that giving up a beloved dog isn't the same as getting rid of a broken appliance or worn-out piece of furniture – the owner and pet both go through a grieving process, and the owner often feels lingering guilt. households have at least one dog and that there are 78.2 million pet dogs in the country.Dogs are quick to respond favorably to people who interact with them.It sounds as if he may be concerned that your dog doesn't have enough behavioral boundaries.One of us is a dog lover and owner, married to someone who has spent more than 14 years regretting the day he agreed his family could adopt a puppy.The other of us can't understand why people make dogs a part of their lives.A family member may develop an allergy; the owner has to relocate and can't take the pet along; a landlord has a "no pets" policy.The dilemma you describe may be another compelling reason to give up your pet - if you decide that this man is someone you could marry and build a good life with, and he feels he can't live with a dog.You can admit that no matter how connected you feel to your pet, and how well you feel you know her, she will always have primal instincts that can't be disregarded.For example, none of us knows how our pet will react to life transitions, such as when we bring home a new spouse or a new baby. Even when they have come to relate well to newcomers, pet owners shouldn't take the situation for granted and should always supervise dogs around small children.Dear Rosie & Sherry, I have been dating a man seriously for about 8 months. He is extremely thoughtful and caring, and many other good qualities that are hard to find these days.Two years before I met him, I adopted a dog from the humane society.

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