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Within the galleries, various other lighting solutions find their place: LIGHT FIELDS, HELISSA, CHIARO, DIAMO LED, PANOS infinity and PERLUCE provide application-specific lighting and optimal presentation of more than 620 exhibit objects throughout 6,400 square metres of space.

Zumtobel solved this issue by carefully devising two lighting control concepts, which make sure that the specific lux value in each gallery is not exceeded.

This means that the pieces with an annual lighting limit of 600,000 lux can only be exposed to a maximum of 125 lux during operating hours.

This level falls to 22 lux for exhibits with a top yearly limit of 150,000 lux.

The dome covers a series of art galleries, with 55 square buildings arranged like a medina – a traditional old town in the Arab world.

The first system is an automatic daylight-dependent light and blind control that classifies the amount of light entering the museum from the outside into four categories, enabling a curator to select light shielding levels of 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%.

The smart blinds receive the required information from the daylight sensors.

The adjustable white lamps enable a range of different colour temperatures to be produced by around 4000 CHROMOSOME fittings that have been installed in the museum.

Different lighting scenarios can therefore be generated, depending on the time of day or the particular conditions.

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