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The remains of the demolished neighbourhood can now be seen at the Born Cultural Centre archaeological site.

Barcelona was seriously weakened following the War of Succession but there were many traders and entrepreneurs who set up new activities that quickly took root.

At the end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th centuries, Barcelona continued to be a dynamic city linked to other parts of the world but it suffered some long sieges during some protracted wars that left deep scars.

The embryonic textile industry gave rise to a sector that spread and strengthened through the 19th century, with steam power being introduced to factories and providing employment for large numbers of workers who arrived in Barcelona and populated the new working-class neighbourhoods that sprang up outside the walls.

The city fell to the Bourbon troops on 11 September 1714. Following the war, Philip V's army abolished the governmental institutions (the Consell de Cent and the Generalitat) along with the Catalan universities, and imposed the New Plan Decree, which put an end to the old rights and freedoms.

In addition, they ordered a large part of the Ribera neighbourhood to be knocked down to the build the Ciutadella, a military citadel to keep an eye on the Barcelona populace, terrorising them for over a hundred years.

This war lasted 11 long years, during which Barcelona was put under siege for 14 months, a siege that proved decisive in bringing an end to the conflict.

As a result of that war, France and Spain signed the Treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659, which saw the counties in the north of the Principality – Rosselló (Roussillon), Conflent and part of Cerdanya (Cergagne) – pass into French hands.

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