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The Quick Coherence Technique is a relaxation/focusing exercise where you concentrate on your heart area, breathe deeply while imagining the breath coming through your heart, and imagine a happy situation.According to Heart Math, this causes your heart rhythm to enter a state called “coherence”, which looks like a sine wave on graphs of heart rate variability and which can be detected by cheap and simple monitoring devices.

She didn’t say anything to me at the time, but later that day, she emailed me to ask if she could set up a private meeting with an HR representative and me.Thanks so much for publishing my question and for attempting to provide some solutions.As fate would have it, I didn’t have to decide what to do.Because you are not my direct report, I see no need for you and I to discuss this matter any further, and because of the awkward position this puts me in as both an executive with the company and your neighbor, let’s be safe and include HR in all future professional correspondence between us for the time being.Take care.” He hasn’t responded, and Anna and I haven’t spoken of the matter again. And for those who were curious about how I knew it was him that text her, let’s just say his real first and last name are unusual enough that there was no doubt!I wonder if I should have replied to Alex at all, or if I handled my response appropriately given that I have to take a neutral stance in the office. I’d be curious to know if you would have handled receiving Alex’s email differently? It can be detected up to several meters away, and its character changes with emotional state and with whether your heart is in “coherence” or not.They present links to a lot of research showing that subtle changes in the magnetic field of the heart can be measured even outside the body.Then they say that people can communicate emotional states with other people nearby through the effect of their hearts’ magnetic fields.Therefore, if you get your heart in coherence with their meditative technique, you not only put your brain waves more in sync and eliminate your own stress, but you have a knock-on effect helping everyone around you.

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