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They present lots of research showing their Coherence Technique does in fact change heart rate variability, brain waves, and performance on various tasks that require calm concentration.

The way this happened was that she basically opened the meeting by saying that she’d seen the headline on my computer and worried I’d been searching for an answer online for how to address the relationship between her and Alex.

This is not a skeptic blog and I find much skeptic-blogging distasteful.

But as the saying sort of goes: “You may not be interested in pseudoscience, but pseudoscience is interested in you.” This group called the Institute of Heart Math has been remarkably persistent at making their way into my hospital.

They say that the heart has so many interconnected neurons that it is like a “second brain”, and probably involved in various forms of advanced emotional processing.

Further, “the heart sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart”, so getting the heart into a coherent rhythm can sync brain waves into a coherent rhythm and improve emotional states.

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