Legal definition of dating violence

Like the perpetrators of adult Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), TDV perpetrators exert power and control over their victims.

TDV is just as dangerous as IPV, and TDV perpetrators use the same abusive behaviors as adult abusers.

These Information and Resources sheets were developed by the National Judicial Education Program (NJEP) with funding from the Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women.*“Teen Dating Violence” (TDV) is a scourge that is as epidemic, harmful, and potentially lethal as adult domestic violence.

However, TDV differs from IPV or Domestic Violence in that adolescent perpetrators may also use different mechanisms than adults to control their victims, particularly social media.

It is also important to note that the very definition of “dating” differs for adolescents—many teens believe that TDV is only perpetrated in long-term, romantically and physically intimate relationships.

- Economic abuse takes place when the abuser makes or tries to make the victim financially reliant. An Attorney Can Help Domestic violence can sometimes be a tricky area of the law involving emotionally-charged events and perceptions.

If you've been charged with domestic violence, your case will depend on what facts can be established at trial.

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