Is dating your cousin bad

In no instance did a widow become the marital responsibility of her late husband's son, or his brother's son.I will briefly list some of the individuals commanded or otherwise instructed in scripture to marry a cousin.Although he immediately fell in love and became engaged to his cousin Rachel, his uncle tricked him into first marrying Rachel's sister Leah.Although God blessed Jacob greatly, Jacob suffered much grief and heartache for having married both sisters.

The brother of the deceased was generally the obvious choice, although a widow's marriage to her father in law was fairly common.

Some may use that as proof that God gave only generalities. When a woman was left widowed, the men in her husband's family were required to take responsibility of the woman.

This is a common misunderstanding; however, God did not forbid uncles and nieces from marriage. The deceased husband's nearest kin was commanded to take her as his wife.

Perhaps Christianity was the faith of one's parent or grandparent, and although the individual does not particularly follow the faith, they were ingrained from childhood that God is the ultimate authority, and the Bible is God's instruction book to mankind.

Whether one truly believes in the Bible or not, it seems to have become a social standard to attribute one's own assumptions of right from wrong on scripture.

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