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Date Coders & Labels ensure accuracy and readability, promoting food safety and reducing valuable labor time.Date Coder Labels are available in multiple styles and adhesives to suit the varying needs of a restaurant environment.* Inks used to write a file were not in existence when the writing allegedly took place.* Contracts that were typed on paper and with a type wheel were not in existence on the date of the alleged production.Additions that are made with a color matched ink can usually be detected by the use of an infrared image converter or possibly an argon or krypton laser.The difference in the ink in this range of lights is caused by the different excitation levels in the inks.The analysis of ink is an integral part of the overall analysis of questioned documents.Although many documents are written today by computer and printed off on computer printers and/or copied on electrostatic copiers, handwriting is still widely used in many documents.

Office models are suited best for indoor office use.

Pro date stamp models are heavy duty and will endure less forgiving environments.

Date Coders & Labels are an efficient and effective method of monitoring food safety.

Case examples Several cases have been forensically proven, including: * Medical records kept on a form that was not in existence until three years after the first date on the records.

* Expansion to the records that occurred two years after the patient was dead.

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