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Many moms must also cope with conflict with an ex, who may be manipulative, withhold child support and even violate divorce agreements.

To make these challenges all the more difficult, when a woman becomes a single mom, her friends often drift away, just when she needs them the most.

Of course, as a single mom, I was too busy and overwhelmed to act on that instinct.

But a decade later, after remarriage, three more children, and a move to the fabulous Hudson Valley, I’m finally able to pursue my passion: advocating on behalf of hard-working single mothers, who are raising 23 million American children.

The inspirational kernel for ESME was planted in my mind years ago when I was going through a divorce while living in Evanston, Illinois, and teaching sociology at Northwestern University.

As a sociologist, I’d been aware of the many struggles of single motherhood, but my personal experience juggling work, two young children, and a shift in identity drove home the point that parenting alone is incredibly hard, especially without adequate support.

VALLEY SINGLES*We have over 18,000 members in our family of 9 single groups and growing!

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Would you like to discover new places while expanding your social circle, and perhaps even meeting that "special someone" along the way?

Our 20 Resource Guides have personal and professional experience on a range of topics, ranging from adoption and dating to finances and wellness.

We also like to have some fun and get creative, so you’ll find humor and articles about Solo Mom artists and filmmakers.

Friends often choose sides, feel awkward or are unable to relate to a single mom’s new reality.

I remember this all too well when I divorced and our friends unconsciously took sides.

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