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We’re thrilled to have a roadmap for advancing naturopathic medicine in Oregon.

• People would like to see more information on alternative practice models to insurance-based and/or primary care practices.Countless individuals have seen, and experienced, the transformative power of integrative medicine.Now they’re working towards putting integrative medicine at the core of our healthcare system.Your feedback formed the backbone of a 2-day strategic planning retreat that OANP’s board held on January 30-31.We worked hard to analyze the opportunities and threats to the profession in a rapidly changing healthcare environment and succeeded in creating goals for the next 5 years that build not only on the work that OANP is already doing, but that also address additional areas that members would like OANP to focus on.• The changing healthcare landscape creates tremendous opportunities for inter-professional collaboration and advancement of naturopathic principles, but also many risks and threats.• OANP needs to expand its membership base and resources in order to provide everything that members expect from their professional association.To further this mission of making integrative medicine part of every healthcare discussion, Integrative Therapeutics™ has launched the industry’s first-ever collection of video interviews with individuals across the integrative medicine community.Integrative features short, intimate interviews with practitioners, writers, teachers, and others in the industry, who share their personal stories and take on big questions such as, “What needs to happen for the industry to make another leap forward”?Contact Amy Rothenberg ([email protected]) or the Massachusetts Society for Naturopathic Doctors to help in any way you can!I’d like to personally extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in OANP’s surveys last fall.

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