Guidelines for mandating the use of ipsec

There is a rumor that the tool will soon also take care of all the content issues ;-) In principle, the RFC-Editor can take care of a few small formatting errors. However, if many errors exist, the document will be returned to the author(s)/editor(s)/WG for fixes.

In any event, please realize that not following the formatting rules will most probably delay publication and does consume time that can be spend on other work.

This document proposes use of the IPsec protocol suite for protecting L2TP traffic over IP networks, and discusses how IPsec and L2TP should be used together.

This document does not attempt to standardize end-to-end security.

(There is even an online xml2rfc tool to generate the nroff and Internet-Draft files).

That tool automatically takes care of most of the formatting, administrative and bureaucratic rules.

Per-packet security checks .................................. L2TP also includes support for tunnel authentication, which can be used to mutually authenticate the tunnel endpoints. Responsibility for all checking is with the authors in the case of an individual submission. The content issues have to be checked early in the development of documents, being technically integral. The ADs will not accept the document and so will not put it on the IESG agenda if this check has not been done.Initiator The initiator can be the LAC or the LNS and is the device which sends the SCCRQ and receives the SCCRP.Responder The responder can be the LAC or the LNS and is the device which receives the SCCRQ and replies with a SCCRP. Checking for content related issues (as in Sections 2.3, 3, and 4 below) needs a human eye. Another set of handy tools is available at the IETF TOOLS pages.As a result, the client will send PPP packets to the NAS/LAC, which will encapsulate them in L2TP and tunnel them to the LNS.In the compulsory tunneling case, the NAS/LAC must be L2TP-capable. A handy tool (awk script) to check most of the formatting nits (as in Sections 2.1 and 2.2 below) is available at courtesy of Henrik Levkowetz. The WG Chairs are responsible for having this list checked before submission to the ADs.

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