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The "pop and shoot" cover system continues to be cumbersome to deal with, leading to lots of hide and seek between you and the enemy that you are locked on to...

if you can lock on to anyone that is, since a lot of times even enemies in plain sight seem to have stealth bomber capabilities (lucky them...).

Just when you thought you'd be done with Liberty City and with Niko Bellic's chronicles, along comes Lost and Damned, the first downloadable content pack for Grand Theft Auto IV, as it rides a dirty custom-made hog down the road of the Xbox Live Marketplace, sporting a leather jacket, a trim haircut, and pilot-style glasses. Okay, I lied.[image1]Lost and Damned tells the story of the Lost MC, a modern day biker gang who has seen better days, struggling to survive in Liberty City after its leader, Billy Grey, gets pushed off to a druggie clinic.

Instead of controlling said leader, however, you'll fill the shoes of Johnny Klebitz, the gang's vice president - a tough and mostly unlikeable dude who wants to take the Lost in a different direction than Billy.

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One major noticable difference between this is that riding a motorcycle is much easier for Johnny than it is for Niko.

Key story characters keep their stats, though, giving a lot of incentive to "grind" that muscle.

Thankfully, this development only depends on backup requests in missions, not on things like the dating structure in GTA IV.

It still feels complicated switching from triggers to bumpers in order to shoot weapons while driving, and all the buttons, sticks and combinations thereof only make it worse at times.

One of the few notable improvements is the increased stability while you're on the bike; that is, not being knocked off.

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  1. Some examples of desired research are low drag/observable weapon airframes, conformal ejector racks, integrated fusing, millimeter wave seekers/sensors for midcourse and terminal guidance, heavy metal self-forging fragment warheads, heavy metal shaped charges, long rod penetrators, reactive fragment warheads, and Computational Fluid Dynamics.