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From self-shot porn recorded on their smartphones to POV blowjob movies they did with their BFs, our girlfriend vids prove that a chick doesn't have to be a porn star to make great porno." "Protection that will be afforded to : venue areas la going to be voy. barbed wire fence around parts of Bangladesh to sti^ Fllg W ft Hfnrtnn*««*rtgtnallyhadvowod to walkott ttelr ^iuggai immigrmita entering Assam state U^ Jobs early Ihunday If the unktn and Eastern had not inunigrant riots left 4,000 people dead last Fdnuary, readied a tentative agnemeat the TImesof India reported Thursday. ' A~s&^ could doae down (be carrier, wttidi trans- eci Qdal]y excluded from mandatory Job Injury Insurance under a Texas law adopted In 1913. d JKl Bconslu Jaw_mfirh_ dates, that insurance coverage be provided for farm workers when there ore sbt or more workers who work 20 more more calendar days during a ' 12-month period. Marine guard outalde-the American Embassy In Wpst Beirut.-' "We didn't-' have the -chance to respond," Jordan said. 115,300, -ft--r Cdrmri-balhrfam"y- room, ro Ulg. the Bristol Hotel brought the dclcga E^^unclmt" shrimp. Wa Uml^Stmai^ under Intense pressure fnm Republicans vibo feared be was a apolitical liability to W^ has been asked to siay tn until Los Angeles Police Department- gong officers said tbey were not awaro of gang efforts to call a truce during tho Olymplca.^ —. Is pcsalble/' Even wtlb DUton organized "truce," Valdlvla.sald, the 420 row? Tbey will be locked up and fltanuned down 80 fast tbey wwi't know what hit them." Mideast- ffnl H li)""" "-"f" si Mpwwin B-Trie Tr-^i Tn T^ pnrt! 10 'igm ff ''h" '"- Tlffl ^^ fnll u TB waa • followed try the previously report? ~ - &Duploxo3 A FANTASTIC VALUE at W50 monin for modorn & cionn 2 bdtm. In the „ county ape a threat to Olympic viai- toni, . ;^ "1 know there are people talking about hl Uhig- the 'venue areas, downtown, the hotc U - spodflc areas whei« tourists will bo," he said. clpoilo D-f D-th6-cea B©-(ire-com Mekkaoul -refused- to-uaye U^the mlttce bccjiiiso the government is aceada, but Akef Kddar, reprc- -saying Italy, wonted vevenmorc Intensive' cooperatkm in the struggle against major crime and against major drugtmfndtcrs." Smith said he hoped lo win required Senate approval - lorthetrcatyby Uwe Ddof Dextmonth.. Russian space station has leak- WASHINGTON t UPD - Russia's Salyut 7 space station experienced a serious propellant leak In orbit Sept. ^, --Hflal W of a Soviet rodtet S..^..4ndia plans Bangladesti hence — If the union's 5,800 nig W attcndani B ra Ject^UM pact.___f^^ _ India w IU build a "■^unlonofficlals salda new strike deadline would be set. Doo r p r toa will beawardei L ' TWIN FALLS - Eight large itfwtograplis from tbe Idaho Nature Conservaocy are ontlisplay tbh Migb Oct 28 at the Sim^wt Galleiy. Taylor Admbilstiatloo Bu Odlng at the Oollege of Soutbera Idabo. Spjn, In theschoc^ eafeteria.; Adml&skin win be |2jo (or addis and f1 jo idr cb Udren and students wltfa activity canfa. A Umited number of ou Uhies are available at tbe schools. — Ttekds f orlbe pndudioo wm be on sale next week at area music stores. IVIAGNAVOX'83 FEATURING RELIABLE MAGNAVOX C33-2233 Mon.-Fri. 9-: Ta*79^^ i Mg MMMteaaa BBaa Bi Maam r ill i i i n I' li r i i , id j i u iiii i ii ii ii i i i n Baaa Bato B IB&T offers a new way to. You choose the rote you receive- based upor) your deposit amount and length of your. Afscyoucan deposit to your certificate time wittiotit effecting Its maturity^ Now that banlc Tare allowed to set the interest rates they pay to savers, you'll want to stiop for the best rates'. -IS/Tuesday ~BCUSB — '^ido I^p Is CBiyan Bdweis w OI pe^otai at 8 p.m. Posters must be submitted to sdwol art inslrudors by Nov. .s ' 'Thafs why IB&T has a toll^ree nuniber that you can call from anywhere in the state. , " IDAHO RANK&mi ST CM MEMBER Fbi C t End of Jackpot NOW.:. Calltomla_law_requlre3 .covcra Be_ — for"ooe'employeero i Hirocond on the^ Job," sold Mc CIoud. Continental- \ readies flights \ HOUSTON (UPI) - Continental I Airlines, still waiting on lis request \ for a court order to force .

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