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Already nominated for two Grammys and having won the Los Angeles Film Critics Association for Best Music, the album has been getting acclaim everywhere.

The 13 songs on this 43-minute album represent the musical and romantic journey the two undertake, where songs are taught at a music store are sung while walking down a street or at a party. All other logo and design Copyright©2004- , movie™ All Rights Reserved.

You two were lying in bed, the only light was the soft glow from outside your window. Like there are tons of songs with a bit more grunge to them, that are equally as romantic." He said, thinking.

Everybody does those acoustic songs, that are just too romantic.

"Hey, the movie may suck but its still a nice song." He said laughing. "Then that is definitely the song we're dancing to." You said smiling at him from across the table and outstretching your hand.

"You'll be too captivated by my beauty for you to fall." He said pretending to flick his hair. It was going to be a small ceremony, only your family, his family, and a few close friends from both of you, but it still felt like there was going to be a lot of people. "I didn't know you were a glittering vampire." You said teasing him.

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