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While Hasard and Irglová are not trained actors, they are professional musicians.

Hasard is the vocalist and guitarist for Irish rock group The Frames while Irglová is a Czech musician-songwriter and that definitely gives this album all the credibility it can get.

He hadn't proposed on top of the Eiffel tower, but he had proposed in the street, on a beautiful bridge that was lit up in such a soft warm glow, making the atmosphere all that more romantic. He wrapped them around his neck before taking you by the waist and pulling you close. "Its the song I listened to when I first met you," You said smiling up at him and blushing. "But you're right, we do have a bit to think of a song.

A small crowd had stopped to watch when Ashton got down on one knee, looking up with such loving, and endearing eyes that you couldn't help but smile through the tears as you nodded your head frantically, managing to get out a "yes! "I can see this happening, you in your white gown, my dashing tux." He said spinning you around. "Then this is definitely going tone our first dance than." He said smiling down at you. You began to sing a little, "Kiss me beneath the milky twilight, lead me along the moonlit floor.

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You had laughed, holding him tightly as you kissed him so passionately, it made the crowd 'awe' in unison. "We should pick our first dance song, you know the wedding song! You thought for a moment, thinking of a song that was just so beautiful that you wanted to have your first dance to. "No, thats kind of sad in a way." "Everything by Ben Howard is great." He said, making you think of the song. "And its the song I always listen to when I miss you." He said, smiling sheepishly at you. "Falling Slowly by Glen Hasard and Marketa Irglova is lovely." You said humming the tune. He grabbed it squeezing it tightly, "I'm excited." He said. Already nominated for two Grammys and having won the Los Angeles Film Critics Association for Best Music, the album has been getting acclaim everywhere. While we have not been able to catch the well-received musical film here, the least we could get is the lyrically bittersweet album playing our our players. It was so special, and so romantic, when you two went for a walk around Paris. "I know, and you're not making it any easier." He said pinching your sides. "You aren't either Irwin, you could have just agreed with my choice." You said winking at him. "Let me play it and we can see if it makes a difference." You said, smiling and standing up to go to your phone that was hooked up to the speaker system. "Its so beautiful, and it sounds wedding-y." You said raising your eyebrows. Cliche, but looking back it couldn't be more perfect. "Who would have thought the hardest part of planning a wedding would be the song choice? "When your fiancé is in a band, and my playlist has over 3000 songs on it, you can expect it." You said laughing before leaning into his shoulder. Irwin, we had better make a choice." He said kissing your temple. Within seconds the harmonious melodies took over the vast apartment, making you smile. "Give me your hands." He said gently, as you gave them to him. "It is a nice song." He added, staring at your phone. The one you played for like a week straight." He said laughing, as you smiled. "Thats definitely a strong contender." He said coming over to kiss you on the nose. I want to make you my wife soon," He said eagerly making you smile. "Thats actually a really nice song," You said, realizing that it wasn't what you were expecting. Michael "I'm scared for our first dance," You said to Michael as you two sat there writing out invitations. " He said setting down his pen and flexing his hand. You know, nothing too wild." As much as Michael tried to deny it, he was going traditional. Never opened this way, life is ours, we live it our way, all these words I don't just say, and nothing else matters." You thought for a moment as the music played around you. "Lets do it." You said kissing his collarbone, as the song continued to play around you.The band was silver, and you smiled whenever you saw light glint off of it. "Chasing Cars by the Snow Patrol." He said, raising an eyebrow. "Its gorgeous Calum, I love it." You said grabbing your coffee again.

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