Genevieve nnaji who is she dating

You don’t understand, even the pictures they released online was worked on, adulterated to make it look different from the actual pictures.We kissed as normal girls, not as romantically or sexually as they projected in the pictures posted online. We met when Kenis Music organised an award and since then we have been good friends.She’s a walking example of top-of-her-game yet still lying low.As a celebrity, part of the price you pay is that you are always in the spotlight, granting interviews to the press, signing autographs, walking the red carpet and sometimes photographed when you step out.Don’t you see the handiwork of the devil in the whole business? To those that are thinking that Genevieve Nnaji is married, well get off those thoughts.We kissed, but it was nothing extraordinary, it was normal kiss between girls.

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She does not belong to the class of celebrities who find their way into the entertainment news way too often.Please, please, I don’t know what you are talking about. If I am a lesbian, why hasn’t the story come out before? Many men are in love with me and dying to have me as a lover. I just came back from the United States of America where I attended a UNAIDS programme with the First Lady of Niger.*I wonder why she insisted on talking about nothing else but this and then indicating she is dating a President..was probably looking for some extra attention otherwise her interview is like an OXYMORON in literature.How could I have dated Fally Ipupa and still be a lesbian. Why is it coming out now when it involves Genevieve? One thing, however, you can’t take away from Genevieve is that she hardly seeks attention neither does she wear this tag of stardom anywhere she goes.Rather, she’s contented to just keep a low profile and do her thing.Though she steps out once in a while, and each time she does so, her personal life is fairly elusive.Nonetheless, it is believed that someday, the screen goddess will reveal the identity of the man in her life and perhaps, walk down the aisle to shame her critics.What happened is that Genny and I were in a club in Lagos and her phone got missing.Later, I think a paparazzi or someone got hold of it and started sharing some contents about me and Genny online.To many, Genevieve’s love life is shrouded in complete secrecy, yet she has been romantically linked with top profile entertainers.Firstly, she was rumoured to have dated D’banj, shortly after the latter featured her in the music video of his “Fall in Love” song.

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