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He's a 'happy drunk' and he'd make an idiot of himself in front of the kids and our guests -- telling stupid jokes, flirting with other guys' wives, singing off-key, and generally embarrassing himself.

I thought if I was a good provider, Claudia would be happy.

He'd also point out that nobody else seemed to care, that everyone kept coming back to our parties.

We all used to binge on weekends in college, and I guess that's still my pattern.

I'd try to get him to talk in the evenings, but he'd just shrug and turn on the TV.

I hope counseling will help." "During a private session, I told Jack that the fact that he drinks only at parties and can stay away from alcohol for long periods does not mean he's not an alcoholic," said the counselor.

Much of the problem stems from the fact that she's spoiled."The first warning bells went off at a reunion with Jack's college friends.

They kept cracking up about the stupid stuff they used to do when they were drunk, like run around the rugby field naked in a snowstorm.

As soon as he saw other dogs he tried to put himself in a power position even though he was but 18 pounds., is put out into the world, it’s expected that the man will stand for what he knows to be good and just and right.

Just a wee pup, not like Teddy, the Dogo Argentino I now have.

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  1. If your partner suddenly starts facing you, there's a good chance he feels distant and wants to connect, or is hungry for more intimacy — especially if he presses his pelvis against yours.