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When we talk about self-reliance we’re mostly referring to the skills that allow us to survive and thrive on our own.

It’s this form of self-reliance that has been lost.

As soon as he saw other dogs he tried to put himself in a power position even though he was but 18 pounds., is put out into the world, it’s expected that the man will stand for what he knows to be good and just and right.

Just a wee pup, not like Teddy, the Dogo Argentino I now have.

I'd try to get him to talk in the evenings, but he'd just shrug and turn on the TV.

We'd have beach parties every weekend in the summer, and Jack would get totally hammered.

I’m still learning what it is to be a man, largely from my old man.He'd also point out that nobody else seemed to care, that everyone kept coming back to our parties.We all used to binge on weekends in college, and I guess that's still my pattern."Drinking for me is purely social; I do it to have fun.She's turned into a first-class nag, and not just about my alcohol consumption, either.To show thyself a man isn’t just about thought or intent.When that call to action, one similar to Man the Fuck Up!"The next day at brunch, I voiced my concerns to Jack, but he just laughed and told me not to worry.I just hope he loves me and the kids enough to stop this dangerous habit." "Claudia is blowing this issue way out of proportion," said Jack, a friendly man of 46.There’s nothing I wanted more than to have him healed and to eek out a few more years of life.But in this instance I understood what had to be done and I did it.

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