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Soto had even used some of those tools to launch his own church online five years earlier. It felt , a digital world that could convey the feeling of communing in worship.

Two days after he stepped into Alt Space VR, Soto delivered his first sermon there. Sometimes he attracted a dozen people; sometimes the virtual room where he preached was empty. In all his years as a pastor, Soto had never had an atheist at his service.

Their plan was to head to California, by way of backroads, launching a series of pop-up churches along the way. Alt Space VR was exactly what he’d been looking for.

Across the country churches were rolling out digital offerings—building livestreaming tools and message boards to engage the young and allow seniors, the sick, or disabled people to worship remotely.

As Second Life’s membership declined, so did church membership.

For one thing, social VR is thriving, with a throng of new worlds coming online.

As VR has shifted from 2-D to 3-D, the experience has grown closer to the kind of “embodiment” that’s ideal for fully experiencing the sacraments.

As a teenager, he decided he would become a pastor too.

For college, Soto chose Pensecola Christian College, a Baptist school in Florida. He was turned off by the clubbiness, the message of exclusivity, and the extremely conservative politics.

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