Female body language and dating

If you’re waiting to take action because you’re afraid of rejection, there’s no point.

Hi, Will you ladies educate me just a little on identifying the not so obvious "positive" female body language.

For example, frequently, I see women twisting their hair around with their fingers. This subject is something I've never thought too much about.

I have the idea that making an effort to learn more about "what's under the hood" with the opposite sex, other than anatomy..., is a worthwhile endeavor. I have observed my own actions and can conclude that when I like a guy I will usually lean in just as little closer when we talk .... sometimes I do the hair preening/twisting thing too .... and of course I find myself smiling more often than usual when I converse with him!

Building rapport and strengthening the connection will show your consideration of her feelings and comfort level.

After a few minutes, you can initiate flirting again.

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