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I intended, through obscene repetition, to make it clear I would not shed a tear if terrorists blew up the Captcha building.

We users should boycott sites with outrageously difficult Captchas, especially ones that erase your keying on every attempt and let them know why.

The idea is it proves you are a real human, not some malicious automaton. A variant asks you a multiple choice question to identify a picture. You have a similar but not so serious problem keying serial numbers and Windows activation codes.

As strongly-typed languages, Java and C require that the type of data stored in a variable is known ahead of time.

This requirement leads to the type mismatch problem when, for example, a string such as “abcd” is typed in response to a request for an integer.

Captchas often contain punctuation or what might be punctuation. If you have to back up and resubmit a page, Captcha will sometimes rudely and falsely accuse you of fraud. A Captcha is like placing dog poo on your welcome mat. If you get the second part right, it presumes you know what you were doing for the first.

They don’t tell you if you are supposed to type it. Captchas are getting harder and harder to guess every month. Each time the server typically erases part of my form and I have to rekey it. This way as a side effect of solving the I think Captchas are inexcusably rude way to treat your customers.

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