Error updating jscript intellisense

You can also use the AJAX UI templating technique I described here to retrieve HTML UI from the server using these callbacks and then dynamically update the page with them. NET AJAX provides type-system support within Java Script for defining classes, interfaces, and other object oriented concepts.

For more details about the comment format that both VS and ASP.

Visual Studio 2008 Visual Basic 2008 Hello, I am wondering if I can use Visual Studio 2008 pro to create a project in Visual Basic 2008 for PDAs...?

Should it have an option to create a PDA's projects?

For example, assume we have a "get Message" function like below defined within a "Util.js" javascript file: I can then simply add a standard Java Script script refrence element to my page, and I will then automatically receive intellisense support for it as I code: Notice how VS automatically provides basic parameter intellisense information on the method without us having to do anything special to the Java Script for it to appear: As you saw above, Visual Studio will automatically provide basic intellisense help information for the method name and parameters of standard Java Script.

You can optionally make this intellisense richer by adding comments to your Java Script code that the intellisense engine can then pick up and use when you consume a method or library.

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