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Rob"Man is the best computer…and the only one that can be mass produced with unskilled labour” There is something wrong with the linked script file. sandy_wood: Is there a definitive way to determine if I have a 2002 or 2003 version? Dynamsoft Barcode SDK now Supports Java Script Intelli Sense This article is a company-provided press release and Programmable Web cannot vouch for the accuracy of the statements within. Providing Intellisense, Navigation and more for Custom Helpers in ASP. aware by now that as of Re Sharper 5 we added first-class support for ASP. This included among many things, the ability to provide Intellisense, ... Is there a definitive way to determine if I have a 2002 or 2003 version? Net 2003 package, or can I get away with the HUNDRED DOLLAR Visual Basic . Microsoft Expression Web 4 gives you the tools you need to produce high-quality, standards-based Web sites.i see some menus changed but what is the actual difference The following link has the VS product Comparison chart: I'm a student looking to cut my costs, and I can do this by just purchasing Visual Basic.

Below is a quick tour of some of the new Java Script intellisense features to take advantage of: One of the things you'll notice immediately when you start typing within a script block is the richer support that Visual Studio 2008 now has for Java Script keywords and language features: Java Script is a dynamic language, and doesn't support explicit type declarations, which has made implementing good intellisense difficult in the past.

It still lists local vars and DOM elements, but it does not show anything from the MS AJAX client libraries. This update is designed for only the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (ENU) product family, and is not compatible with any Expres Hello, I'm trying to install VS2008 SP1 on Vista Ultimate but I receive this error "A compatible version of Visual Studio 2008 was not detected on the system. NET(vb language) I have visual studio 2003 installed in my pc and i am doing my project in it , because i need to use additional functionality like "AJAX" , i want to use visual studio 2005 or visual studio 2008 my project folder name is "sqls" can i install visual studio 2005 or visual studio 2008 and migrate this project folder to work in visual studio 2005 or visual studio 2008 i have uninstall visual studio 2003 and install visual studio 2005 or visual ... GNOME’s text editor, gedit , has a plethora of extensions which can basically transform it into an IDE? What I Learned After 3 Weeks of Writing Mobile Apps...

So there seems to be something wrong with the way it is referencing the System. This update is designed for only the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (ENU) product family, and is not compatible with any Express editions." Either I download the installer from here ( The likeliest problem is that required components are not installed on the local Web server. NET setup and add the We Hi, I installed the IIS 5.0 after VS. after that I did run the aspnet_regiis -i at the visual studio command prompt. Loading Visual 2003 on a pc with Visual 2005 installed I have recently installed Visual 2005 on a pc and have been using it to create a 2.0 application. development, it was the free tools for working with SQL Server that sent me over the top.

You can tell Visual Studio to provide intellisense for the "Util.js" library within the "My Library.js" file by adding a /// comment at the top of the external library. NET AJAX makes it easy to expose methods on the server that can be called and accessed via client-side Java Script.

Once you do this, you'll get full intellisense support for those methods and variables: This ends up being super useful when partitioning your Java Script routines across multiple files. NET AJAX client side Java Script libraries, you can either add a control on the host page: Once you do this you'll get full intellisense for all of the Java Script libraries and type-library patterns inside ASP. For example, assume we define a simple webmethod in a web-service like below: I could then have ASP.

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