Erotic dating in cracow poland

It might sound like a fun idea to hire some bikes and tool around town after a few afternoon beers, but it could prove a lot more expensive than anticipated.6.Taxis Ninety-five percent of taxi drivers in Krakow are honest, hard-working guys just trying to make a living.Drinking and driving The legal blood-alcohol level for driving in Poland is ZERO.

Don’t think you can ignore these at 2am when there’s nothing but tumbleweeds bowling down the street.

If you’re not sure that the guy toting for fares is a genuine taxi driver, he probably isn’t.7.

The honey trap Two gorgeous ladies stop you on the street and invite you for a drink. Follow them to ‘a little bar’ they know, buy them a couple of cocktails, and you’ll find yourself facing a bill for several hundred złoty, backed up by large gentlemen with shaved heads offering to escort you to a cash machine.

Respect You’ve probably already noticed that Poland has more gorgeous women per square mile than Antarctica has snow balls.

Add to that the fact that they all dress like graduates of the Chanel School of Looking Sexy on a Catwalk, and you’re going to be tempted to engage. Bantering and acting cheeky may get you somewhere at home, but it will leave Polish ladies cold.

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  1. I love how the veggies are already chopped up for you.”Usually, grocery stores also have line-ups at every check-out lane during peak hours, so choose the line-up with a lonely man in it.