Edinburgh speed dating student

Which happens a surprising amount in Edinburgh during August.They're skint." Danny Buckler, Just The Tonic, The Caves66"I knew the UK would do well at the Olympics, because thanks to last year's riots, most of our young folk have sportswear." Steve N Allen, Laughing [email protected] Taylor's Coffee House67"Each year the Humility Award recognises that individual who does not recognise recognition.

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"Joe Lycett, Pleasance Courtyard2 "I've been keeping a count of the prostitutes I've been sleeping with.

Or so my wife assures me that's what it is." Simon Evans, Pleasance Courtyard28"The sound of a baby screaming is like hearing all four Loose Women talk at once." David Longley, The Stand II29"In your thirties your friends just disappear.

I don't mean they die, they all move to Birmingham – which is worse."Lucy Porter, The Stand30"Walking down the Royal Mile is like scrolling through the mind of a failed actor." Chris Ramsey, Pleasance Courtyard31"Keep digging you'll find one eventually." Simon Evans on the Edinburgh trams, Pleasance Courtyard32"The tattooist said to me that she didn't believe in anaesthetic.

So I'll be disproving that over the next 5 minutes..." Gareth Morinan, Udderbelly Bristo Square71"When I die I want my remains to go to my i Pod, my i Phone and my laptop.

I want to be left to my own devices."Gareth Richards, Pleasance Courtyard72"'Aged rum is a sophisticated spirit that should be sipped neat and savoured.

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