Django stuck on validating models Adults only dating

url(r'^admin/', include(snippets.urls)), Name Error: name 'snippets' is not defined occurs because has to be quoted.See the example here: urlpatterns = [ url(r'^', include('snippets.urls')), ] As shown here, you could write something like this: from django.contrib import admin urlpatterns = [ url(r'^polls/',...python,django,forms,django-forms You need to assign the field to form.fields, not just form. Instead, you should make all your forms inherit from a shared parent class, which defines the captcha field....python,django,models It looks like (re-reading your post it's not 100% clear) what you want is a partial application.

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Alternatively, in an app after all plugin apps in INSTALLED_APPS in either cms_or you can use cms.plugin_pool.plugin_pool.unregister_plugin to remove them from the pool: from cms.plugin_pool import plugin_pool from unwanted_plugin_app.cms_plugins import Unwanted Plugin plugin_pool.unregister_plugin(Unwanted Plugin) ...python,django,list,parameters,httprequest Since, request. GET is a dictionary, you can access its values like this: for var in request. django,django-templates,django-views Here's a basic approach you can tweak for your convenience: Add a first_image field to your model: class Blog(models. Char Field(max_length=150, blank=True) description = models. django,django-templates Django templates do not use inclusion so much as template inheritance.The idea is you set up a hierarchy of templates, specializing some common thing. python,django,templates If your template is independent of apps, it shouldn't be in your app folder - namespace it accordingly. Did you setup your templates/staticfolders in your news, it's part of Python's stdlib: import os from functools import partial def generic_upload_to(instance, filename, folder): return join(, folder, filename) class Project(Time Stamped Model): name = models.Text Field(max_length=100, default='no name') logo = models.php,forms,validation The first time you load the form, $_POST will not have anything populated.Try changing if ($_POST["submit"]) { to if (isset($_POST["submit"])) { to determine if the form was in fact submitted and continue accordingly.... I want to display any validation error found in the form like user doesn't exit, or wrong password be displayed on the login/signup form without page being reloaded. Finally, realize that update() does an update at the SQL level and, thus, does not call any save() methods on...javascript,jquery,ajax,wordpress,forms Dont use one(it will fire ajax submit or button click only once) , use here var Is Busy to check user is not repeatedly pressing the form submit, Try below code, var is Busy = false; //first time, busy state is false $('#publish').on('click', function (e) { if(is Busy == true) return ; //if...

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