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Last week, Blizzard suggested Diablo 3's extensive 2.5.0 was around the corner and, lo and behold, it's arrived less than one week later.Bringing with it the new Armory feature, crafting material storage, and a host of items and quality of life improvements.Blizzard will choose a run with an interesting build and time, then setying it up to be tackled by players globally, with the goal of beating the original player's time.Because enemies, portals, etc, are all baked in, you can re-run the Rift as much as you want, improving your time as your familiarity grows. Along with that, Blizzard has published its patch notes.Although not a major patch, it includes a couple things that players have been requesting for more than a year.

We'll let you know when there's an exact date for the patch.The biggest feature coming in 2.5.0 is what Blizzard is calling Armory.This will allow players to save up to five loadouts, including gear and skills, at the Stash.Here's an official overview of what's new as per the Diablo You Tube channel: Beyond the main features, expect slight tinkerings to the Crusader and Barbarian classes—their Divine Verdict and Rumble runes have been respectively updated—as well the addition of the Primal Ancients loot tier, which is a rare loot featuring perfect attribute stats and maximum sockets.The latter is said to be "for players who have largely completed gearing for their build and finished their Season Journey, but want to continue playing."Speaking on Seasons, Patch 2.5.0 lands in time for Diablo 3's Season 10 which kicks off on Friday, March 31 at 4pm GMT/5pm PT.Check out the latest update's full list of fixes and features over here. It was created by authors of Wo WProgress, the biggest Wo W Rankings Website. Press "Update Now" button on your character list page. All characters are updated automatically every few days.Beyond the original player, there will be friends and global leaderboards, so it's going to get very competitive, with a meta forming around each event.Greater Rifts have also been reworked, so there should now be less empty space.AI has also been tweaked here, and you can even hit enemies that are mid-air.Blizzard say they tried to solve "all the problems".

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