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The question may arise, whether in Japan either Judo or Jujitsu has become popular with the young ladies. Many attempts seem to have been made to persuade ladies to practice it as their physical training, even modifying the form of Judo, but so far they have not been successful, except in a very few instances.From "Sports and Physical Training in Modern Japan" by Tsuneo Matsudaira, Transactions and Proceedings of the Japan Society, London, 8 (1907/1909), 120.

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Noritomi Masako, who entered Kodokan in May 1925 then wrote the popular book "Judo for women" which was republished many times.Kano's daughters didn't disgrace the honor of the family.The elder daughter Vatanuko Noriko became headed the Judo section in Kodokan; Takadzaki Atsuko also dedicated her life her father's business.While the photographs illustrating the book suggest that her judo was nothing special, the book itself is interesting for two reasons.First, what Watts was showing was not partner-assisted stretching, but honest-to-goodness judo.It said: "These women learn a special art of self-defense and they advanced so far that are able to lift and throw a person weighting 200 pounds (90.5 kg) without any problems.They would instantly topple an opponent swiftly running toward them just by one touch of a knee, wrist or a cheek using his own strength against him." The women described in the article are the rich fashionable ladies: Maria Luisa Galley, Davis Elkins, Grace David Lee, Katrina Elkins, Jessie Allis, Re Lewis Smith Wilmer.Until the WWII Judo clubs didn't have known female judoists in the following European countries: Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Scandinavian counties and Switzerland.The article "Japanese woman teaching American girls secret Japanese self-defense system" was published in the Sunday issue of the journal "New York World" as of May 29, 1904.Popularity of jiu-jitsu increased after WWI, By 1930 there were 3 federations and more than 100 Jiu-Jitsu clubs in Germany and Austria.But after the Budokwai team defeated Germans in the 1929 tournament, the most of male and female judoists started learning Kodokan instead of the "European Jiu-Jitsu style" of Erich Ran.

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