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Her instructor was Sadakazu "Raku" Uyenishi, a first-rate judoka who wrestled in London music halls, operated a judo club at Golden Square in Soho and published an excellent Text Book of Ju-Jutsu as Practised in Japan (London: Athletic Publications, 1905).

Within three years Watts had her own class of fifteen boys at Prince's Skating Rink, in Knightbridge, and her own book, The Fine Art of Jujutsu (London: William Heinemann, 1906).

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The elder daughter Vatanuko Noriko became headed the Judo section in Kodokan; Takadzaki Atsuko also dedicated her life her father's business.However, female judoists were unknown in France right up to 1935.Mikonasuke Kavaishi was the first Judo instructor and his sister Moshe Feldenkrais was one of his first students.Nonetheless, for a long time official female Judo championships were not held in Japan, which was famous by its conservatism.The book by Irving Hancock "Physical training for women with Japanese methods" appeared to be the impetus for the development of women's Judo.After than Nazis stated the decree: the main responsibility of an Arian woman is being a mother and a wife rather than an athlete.As the result none of German women got the black belt up to 1853.During three years Hori Utako was the best judoist.Noritomi Masako, who entered Kodokan in May 1925 then wrote the popular book "Judo for women" which was republished many times.Until the WWII Judo clubs didn't have known female judoists in the following European countries: Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Scandinavian counties and Switzerland.The article "Japanese woman teaching American girls secret Japanese self-defense system" was published in the Sunday issue of the journal "New York World" as of May 29, 1904.

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