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My goal is to provide a comprehensive resource to vintage Barbie dolls, clothing, accessories and other collectible fashion dolls, beginning with Barbie's debut in 1959.The main focus of this is vintage Barbie and her friends and family.The first Barbie black and white label is Barbie ™ along with #1 Barbie shoes (with holes on the sole, to fit on the stand prongs), increases an outfits value by 20%, later the label was changed to Barbie .She added that her 5ft 4in sibling, Sierra, who towers over her 4ft frame, 'can be bossy but she shows me how to flirt with boys, stands up for me if I'm teased and reaches things when they're too high.' Growing up together: The blonde-haired, blue-eyed teens love shopping, wearing make-up and giggling about boys.Each doll has its own page with pictures and detailed information...[Read More] Mod Barbie Dolls - A detailed chronological history of the Mod Era Barbie Dolls from 1967 to 1972, including Jamie and Truly Scrumptious Barbie Dolls.Each doll has its own page with pictures and detailed information...[Read More] Includes every Barbie Doll ensemble released from 1959 to 1972, including pictures and clothing descriptions and details.Vintage Barbie Dolls - The first Barbie Dolls was released in 1959.

(The coat and purse pictured on the left are from my original childhood collection.) Vintage Barbie dolls and clothing are beloved by collectors for their quality and representation of the clothing of the era. Of course there have been many others and as little girls who played with Barbie have grown up, an entire industry of collectible dolls has been developed for those of us who still like to play with our dolls!

Includes pictures and descriptions of all of the Holiday Barbies made so far...[Read More] Halloween Barbie Dolls The first Halloween Barbie Dolls were the Barbie & Kelly Halloween Target gift set in 1997.

There have been Halloween Barbies every year since - both Grocery Store / Pink Box editions and many years had a Target special Halloween edition...[Read More] Barbie Hallmark Christmas Ornaments In 1993, Barbie Hallmark Ornaments entered the market.

...[Read More] Holiday Barbie Dolls The first Holiday Barbie was made in 1988.

For many of us, it just wouldn't be Christmas without Barbie.

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