Dating someone with opposite political views but dating dead in married not ontario oshawa

Just as long as they were like me on politics and it wasn't a big deal. Just because she was into the agricultural movement while I am strictly Hunter/Gatherer, does not mean I would be opposed to dating her. I could change my views and settle down in one place to grow roots rather than having to follow the herd.

Or she might decide that fresh meat every now and than was preferable to always having granola.

I could not date or probably even closely associate with someone who had different political views.

Our country is the greatest country that has ever existed, it was founded on certain principles, I could not support anyone wanting to change that. My husband use to be a avid Republican, where I was a avid Democrat.

I'm sure most of you were glued to the TV last night watching the vice-presidential debate, and regardless of your political stance, I bet you had quite a bit to say throughout their heated discussion. Or do politically heated debates at home keep you on your toes?

Oh, Jeez, I can tell we're from different political views BUT I'm not militant about my stance on politics so I would say I would date or marry someone that had different views then me.

That being said, I don't hate people of this particular political persuasion. I think they're easily duped into voting for politicians who hold office only to advance the interests of themselves and their cronies and screw the actual people they're supposed to serve.

I respect the fact that people are entitled to their own opinions, but I can't say I respect this political ideology, so I probably could not be involved with someone who didn't share my political beliefs to at least some extent. Anyone here in a relationship with someone of an opposite political persuasion.

It gets interesting around the holidays with our combined families, his family are avid republicans and mine are avid democrats or anti government, so just imagine how that goes. Her husband and her were both very politically active - on opposite sides of the fence.

I probably could, but there are specific issues that I would not be able to get past if we disagreed on them... There are pictures all over her house of each of them with various presidents.

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