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This period, where egalitarianism was widespread, was characterized by peace, equality and the common ownership of wealth, historians referred to it as the Society of Great Harmony.

As population increased, some people inevitably broke away from their groups to form new clans.

In China, The first evidence of advanced farming and surplus food production appears related to the Yangshao culture, which was focused in the basin formed by the confluence of the Yellow River (Huang Ho), the Fen Ho, and the Kuei-Shui Rivers.

This Yangshao culture, which relates to the Xia Dynasty, is characterized by handsome painted pottery.

This culture also includes cultivated millet, rice, kaoliang, and possibly soybeans, as well as domesticated pig, cattle, sheep, dog, chicken, and possibly the horse and silkworm. Note: There are several Pyramids in China, some quite large.

There was also “ceremonial” pottery vessels and elaborately worked objects in jade, flint, bone, and stone. However, because of the political situation, western archeologists have not been able to investigate them.

Excavations were halted in 1937, when Japan attacked China.

In the 1950's, an even earlier Shang capital was found near present day Zhengzhou.

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Their use in the Shang period mainly seems restricted to royalty.Though the Xia Dynasty existed in oral histories, there was no archaeological evidence found of it until 1959.Then excavations at Erlitou, in the city of Yanshi, uncovered what was most likely a capital of the Xia Dynasty.A genetic study done by researchers from all over the world: China, Japan, U. A point of comparison: the Yangshao culture is dated conventionally at 3,500 B.C, yet just across the bay in Japan, the same type people (the ancient Jomon), who migrated For many years, the Xia Dynasty was thought to be a mythical time that the Chinese tell about as part of their oral history.Traditional Chinese history indicates that the Shang Dynasty consisted of 30 kings and seven different capitals.Chariot horse burials are found from Greece to China, but they are relatively rare except in China and the bones are often very poorly preserved.This became a process whereby Yao, for example, recommended Shun, Shun recommended Yu and Yu recommended Gaotao, and so on.Later generations named this method of selecting a tribal head The "Abdication System".With its capital located in Anyi (north of Xia County in mid-west Shanxi Province), the Xia was ruled by the descents of the Xiahou tribe. Interestingly, no mention is made of different ethnicity's, and no evidence is offered to prove that the Xia enslaved the Mongols. The findings were that the original Chinese were 100% pure Black African, with absolutely no outside admixture - But here again, we are talking about the original Black Chinese, modern Chinese are quite different.When visiting the Chinese governments Website, one would note that the Chinese still imply that they descent from Peking Man (Homo-Erectus), of course this is racist nonsense. Click here for link to the Chinese governments history website A note here: We have already made clear that dates should not be taken literally.

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