Dating for german and russian women

Russians consider it important to make regular and frequent toasts.No-one should even start drinking at table without making a polite toast to demonstrate that they are aware of their surroundings and want to share the pleasure.Before leaving on a journey, Russians sit down quietly together for a few moments.This is (they say) to give their soul time to re-enter their body from wherever it is lounging about elsewhere in the house.At the theatre or concert hall, it is now to have changed into something smart.High-heeled shoes are taken in a bag to change into if it is snowy outside.

At table, the Russians help themselves without asking, which is a relief for Western Europeans and Americans who live in constant fear of inadvertently neglecting their neighbour.Like some other Europeans, Russians can choose between saying ?" Of course, this merely pushes the problem back one degree, because the foreigner can be sure that the Russian will probably wait politely, if necessary for ever, before suggesting the move him or her self. There one moves to " thus: "Ivan Ivanovich, may I introduce Stepan Kyrillovich?The Scandanavian co-sponsor then attempted to make himself heard, this time in broken Russian. Finally, the name of the winner was announced to the small group of diners immediately next to the microphone.The party going on in the rest of the room continued without anyone taking the slightest notice.When Russians greet each other they use the normal European repertoire: Good morning; Good day; Good evening or Greetings.They might follow that up with: " is very useful in Russian.No-one finds it necessary to listen in silence while someone makes a speech at a formal social occasion.At an inaugural dinner and prize-giving of a major cultural award by a Western European company none of the Russian intelligentsia accepted their place settings, and chaos prevailed as literary and other luminaries roamed around the dining hall moving chairs and making non-sense of the carefully-organized seating plan.Close friends kiss three times, for three is a lucky number.The Russians say "God loves the Trinity" whenever things happen in threes.

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