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Now jostling and pushing goes on in the street when getting on to buses, trams and the metro.

When visiting someone's house or office you must either go all the way in, or wait until he has come all the way out, before greeting each other.Not leading the world in some mad competition to prove that "our" system is better than "yours".A normal life is all the Russians want just now, thank you.No-one finds it necessary to listen in silence while someone makes a speech at a formal social occasion.At an inaugural dinner and prize-giving of a major cultural award by a Western European company none of the Russian intelligentsia accepted their place settings, and chaos prevailed as literary and other luminaries roamed around the dining hall moving chairs and making non-sense of the carefully-organized seating plan.Before leaving on a journey, Russians sit down quietly together for a few moments.This is (they say) to give their soul time to re-enter their body from wherever it is lounging about elsewhere in the house.Close friends kiss three times, for three is a lucky number.The Russians say "God loves the Trinity" whenever things happen in threes.Russians consider it important to make regular and frequent toasts.No-one should even start drinking at table without making a polite toast to demonstrate that they are aware of their surroundings and want to share the pleasure.

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