Dating for felons

Is there a way I can naturally pique his curiosity? Or did it really take a year to dawn upon you that you are pretty much a stranger to your own boyfriend – and that he primarily likes you because you’re pretty and patient?Maybe I’m a little egocentric, but that shit wouldn’t fly with me.As for whether he’s a keeper, whether you can pique his curiosity and if he can really be this poor at communicating, those answers are yes, no, and yes. Hell, you’ve survived this long and said that things were “good”.And if you bring it up with him and discover that this is as deep as he goes, you wouldn’t be out of line to think you could have a stronger connection with a guy who actually cares what comes out of your mouth.If all it took was being part of a temporarily popular party, we could have had anyone in Emmer's spot.When it comes down to it, it looks like the best person is ahead, despite any recent political trends.If I start telling a story from my childhood or discussing my day at work, I think “He doesn’t care about this or he would have asked,” and I find myself cutting it short or not even bringing it up in the first place. Which only provokes me to ask the obvious question: how did you let a disinterested guy like this become your boyfriend?

This is why it’s not nearly as important how many degrees you have, languages you speak, countries you’ve seen or books you’ve read.

Regarding Sutton's comments about 'Something not smelling right'.

We cannot forget that the election isn't just about parties, but about people.

In it, Twin reports that: Mark Dayton and his runningmate Yvonne Prettner Solon, left, greet supporters early Wednesday, November 3, 2010, at the Hilton Hotel in Minneapolis. So the big shot lawyers are lining up to waste more time and effort to decide which of the two jackwagons gets to waste everyone's time by pretending they actually care what happens to the little guy. Sutton expressed simmering discontent with the 2008 results, with Franken winning by 312 votes, saying, "We're not going to get rolled this time."Maybe not, but Republicans will once again in their bid to 'Floridate" Minnesota the way Bush and players did in 2008, lose the Governorship to Senator Mark Dayton, the correct choice for the job.

"Something doesn't smell right when you take control of the state House, you take control of the state Senate, you win the Eighth Congressional District, folks, and yet somehow, somehow, we don't win the governor's race," Sutton said this morning, predicting that Emmer would win.

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