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She has also garnered several nominations at the Blues Music Awards from The Blues Foundation.

Sue Foley, who was born in Ontario, Canada, and played her first gig at the age of 16.

She may be the Ice Queen, but the blues burns like a raging inferno in her soul.

In the true tradition of the blues, she has taken all that life has thrown her way, the good as well as the bad, processed it, and channeled it into her music.

Hear the lead track "Ain't That Loving You" now: Great playing, good taste and a deep faith stacked high in the blues spills out generously on Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters intimate new album The Luckiest Man.

The reliable smooth Chicago texture of Southside Stomp a staple feel on any Earl and the Broadcasters album is set against the deep warmth of Jims Song written and performed by Earl for the memory of bandmate and bassist Jim Mouradian.

Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.

You can choose your language settings from within the program.

Now, some 25 years later, with countless albums under her belt (both under her own name and playing in support of other musicians), she is releasing another album.

The Knee High Fizzle takes a jaunty run through rockabilly references, with Chevy Casanova illuminating more uptown touches, complete with lively saxophone from Vincent Henry.

Always a sucker for a bit of Yakety Sax (or yakety axe), I Got Em Too is a favoured romp.

Blasting out the set in ten days, Breit called upon friends to provide select overdubs, but what we have here is essentially Breit concocting his own experiments in vintage sounds much like Neil Young once did (in a different vein) with the Shocking Pinks. While one digs (and really, no other word is as appropriate) what Breit has done with this recording, after four or five songs it tends to blend into one extended jam of righteous coolness.

Cmon, Let Go combines the mood of after-school cartoons (think ) with Velvet Underground Sweet Jane riffs.

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