Dating anniversay cards

Whether your boss is celebrating his 30th year with company, or the newest employees are marking year one, Anniversary Cards from Cards Direct are the best way to celebrate and express gratitude for all the hard work that has been performed.Employee anniversaries recognize significant milestones reached by friends, colleagues and business associates.Anniversary Greeting Cards and Business Anniversary Cards allow you to demonstrate your professional appreciation and acknowledgment of the great strides made at anniversary dates.

In the earlier years, a “silver wedding” or “golden wedding” was often described as a German or Dutch tradition with which English-speaking readers would not be familiar.

Send out your thanks and appreciation, and receive continuous effort and energy in the workplace.

At Cards Direct you can professionally imprint your company logo, signatures and more on your corporate anniversary cards.

In 1811, for example, London’s thought its readers would “hardly comprehend” the idea.

When German author Marie Nathusius’ novel was translated to English in 1860, the translator added a note on a chapter about silver wedding celebrations to explain that all classes in Germany celebrated silver and golden weddings with “great festivities and rejoicings.” Though both sides of a couple would celebrate these anniversaries — according to an 1850s travel book on the wife wore a silver wreath and the husband a silver buckle for the 25th anniversary — presents given to the wife were commonly emphasized.

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