Dating an older divorced man with children

He says she was "safe" an average girl that was also divorced. She was going to law school, had similar interests, good family and inherited a house and farm which he is into.

He says that she lied about taking birth control early in their relationship, which caused him to also have a son with her.

Stop wasting your precious child bearing years (if you indeed want children) on this mess of a guy! He's incessantly talking about his ex's, reminiscing the good ol' times, and you're sitting here going "ohhh I'm not sure, is he over them or not?

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He says he doesn't want to ever get married or have anymore kids one day and the next he calls me his wife.

It's what you do with that experience and how you move forward that counts.

Look lady, you need to slap yourself on the forehead and wake up!

Right now, you're in a relationship with him AND his two ex-wives. You don't want to wake up at 35 and be told that he's made up his mind and it is to never get married and have kids. A while back, I tried to date someone divorced with kids to not limit my options to see if maybe I was being too picky. If they were wrong before, I'm not sure how they can tell they are right this time.

This guy learnt nothing from his previous relationship failures, based on his approach with you. You cannot make your decisions based on "maybe one day he'll make up his mind and decide he want marriage and kids", "maybe one day he'll let go of his baggage and be with me properly". I'm taking my time in getting married so I don't have their divorced problems.

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