Dating an older divorced man with children updating firmware xbox 360

I've already gotten all the rundown I need of your life before we met, and now I'd rather focus on the present and future." If he does it again, just say "boring topic" and change the subject. As for the kids and marriage thing, it's tough because he's been burned twice before and so you putting the screws to him will likely only make him put up a wall.

However, you are getting into your late 20's (not that you're old, but time really does fly) and don't want to spin your wheels in a dead end relationship.

You may also find that his flirting which may be harmless but you felt like somewhat randomly bringing up anyway is getting to be a bigger problem for you.

As a guy in my 40's, this is precisely why I don't date younger women.

It screams a huge red flag to me in that he has not really taken the time to process, learn and move on effectively from those relationships.

Everyone has been burned from a relationship in their lives.

Stop wasting your precious child bearing years (if you indeed want children) on this mess of a guy! He's incessantly talking about his ex's, reminiscing the good ol' times, and you're sitting here going "ohhh I'm not sure, is he over them or not?

He always says everything was so great and perfect, etc with them.

It's what you do with that experience and how you move forward that counts.

Look lady, you need to slap yourself on the forehead and wake up!

I find this hard to deal with and it hurts my feelings because I do want those things.

He knows this, and always says stuff like he doesn't want to lose me and what not.

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