Dating an old friend from high school

He hit me up on Instagram to tell me that we should catch up sometime and that he’d had a crush on me back in high school. Saw him years later (during college) at a bar and he started hitting on me. We were talking about how stressful our lives were, I was a first year associate at a large firm in downtown Dallas, she was in her last year of school. Just spit it on the floor, like a nasty Viking with no manners.I decided what the hell, let’s meet up and see where this goes, and we totally hit it off again and we’re now seriously dating. Sadly, he then asked me if I wanted to go outside and look at some puke in the parking lot. We were drinking and we talked about sex being the best stress reliever… I had a crush on this guy for years and finally the stars aligned recently for us to hang out. I was so repulsed and wanted to go home but he had too many drinks to drive just yet so we watched TV.Would you tell them how you’d secretly watch them and daydream about spending the rest of your lives together while in class?Or would you ignore them completely, making it abruptly clear you’re so over them.Oh, and when your first paycheck came, you skipped out on the regular Red Robin celebratory dinner and ate at an overpriced restaurant together because you felt like adults.He was there to celebrate every awesome milestone in your life, which made them even more awesome. You have the absolute best inside jokes and pretty much your own language that no one understands.Not every day just days I knew I could sneak some alcohol. Back in high school my friend would bring me a water bottle filled with alcohol. I would mix it with lemonade and drink it throughout the day. On one particular birthday I stayed after school and made out with a guy who already had a girlfriend. Back in high school I sent “nudes” to this guy I was interested in. To a current “boyfriend” I had and he sent me a dick picture. And then some other guy came up to me and said he was just going out with you because of a bet. For some reason I didn’t care I didn’t hate him I didn’t feel bad for myself. Why didn’t I hate him or the other guy that showed my nudes to someone else? God I would have and I wish I could have gone out with all the guys I had crushed on but i couldn’t I stayed loyal.

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You have a "song." Mix CDs were still a thing when you started dating and yes, you made them for each other all the time.

Back in high school I used to buy weed from a guy I had a crush on. In middle school my first boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend.

I would wake up at 5 in the morning to smoke it through my bathroom window. Back in high school I would take a shot before school started. And not because he showed my pictures around but because I didn’t want to have a boyfriend just wanted to hoe around.

And yes, you deemed "Butterfly" by Crazytown "your song," ~*~s Ea Led w It H a Ki Ss An D a Th An K y Ou, Mis S~*~. You appreciate how special your relationship is after being away from each other in college.

You passed the apparent "test" that is college because you didn't listen to everyone when they said it was stupid to date through college.

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