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Read the below information carefully before you submit an application.Note: Applications will open on 1 February 2018, and will close on 28 March 2018.Applications must arrive at your country’s Commonwealth Nominating Agency by 28 March 2018.The New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships Application Form for 2018 selection will be available to download here when applications open on 1 February 2018.If both online and paper applications are accepted, please use only one method when applying. Online applications are for the following scholarship types: We still find that many applications we get are low-quality and show that the applicant has not read the essential information and guidance on this website. This will give you a number that you will need when you register (step three).The online application process has four steps, all completed on an online application site . This will give you a login and password that you will use through the application process.There is a lot you should do before you begin your application.

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For the contact details of Nominating Agencies - see pages 26-30 at the back of the application form.

Even if paper applications are available to you, we encourage you to apply via the Online Application Portal if you have internet access.

Check how applications are accepted for your country and scholarship type.

The Application Form must say '2018 Selection' on the front cover.

Send your completed NZDS, NZAS, NZPS or NZRDS 2018 Application Form to the New Zealand High Commission, Embassy or listed address in your country by the close date.

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