Dating a recovering gambling addict

Work on forgiveness It’s hard to forgive someone who has lied to you, hurt you and hidden things from you and you probably will have built up a lot of pain and anger of the years.While this is perfectly normal and understandable, holding onto them may prevent you from moving forward.Talk to your spouse about the support they need, share your hopes and expectations so that you can work towards the same goals and practice new techniques that will enable you both to identify and manage your feelings.Be patient Addiction recovery is not quick or easy and it will take the addict a long time to fulfill their family responsibilities.We can become comfortable with ourselves without drugs.” The internet-based support forum for methamphetamine addicts, which bills itself as the “Anti-Meth Site” concurs stating, “You will go through a lot of tremendous change that first year.It is too easy to get wrapped up in the new person and lose focus on who your focus needs to be on: you.Naturally, this can leave spouses feeling neglected and resentful especially because this is a time when they’re likely to need more reassurance than ever.What a recovering gambling addict needs more than anything is the support and understanding from their partner.

During this time, addicts need to be somewhat selfish as they focus on themselves in order to rebuild their lives and their self-esteem and avoid relapse.

If this is something you’re finding difficult to manage, individual or couple’s therapy can help.

Educate yourself In order to support your partner, you’re going to need to educate yourself about gabling addiction.

Virtually all addiction treatment specialists and programs recommend that newly recovering addicts avoid dating for at least a year. While in the throes of addiction addicts are not themselves.

Their thoughts and behaviors are influenced by the addiction, so the first stage of recovery should be used to get to know yourself and focus on learning to live as a healthy, drug-free person.

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