Dating a military man long distance play speed dating 3

My name is Shayla and I am dating a Marine who I get to see maybe every two or three months for a week at a time.

Usually when I say this, people look at me like this…

Yes, it sucks that I don’t get the pleasure of “getting down” on the dance floor with my boyfriend.

And, fending off the guys that think I am single gets annoying. If you stayed at home all the time and just thought “it would be nice if my S. lived here so I could go out” you will end up very depressed. Like I said in the last paragraph, you have to get out of the house and have fun.

Before getting in to my relationship with Ethan I didn’t really have an answer to the question “what do you like to do for fun? Since being in this long-distance relationship with Ethan, I have gotten to learn quite a bit about myself.

” my life consisted of going to class then work then hanging out with my S. Plus, another great thing about distracting yourself is you have more stuff to talk about with your S. other than getting stuck in and “I love you I miss you” rut. These things have really helped me in my relationship so hopefully they can help you.

But for couples that don’t get to see each other very often, communication becomes so much more important.In return, he stays in a lot more after work to talk to me.There will be a lot of sacrifices when you’re in a long-distance military relationship. There’s no easy way to say this, but sometimes long-distance military relationships can really suck.These types of relationships make you tough and once you and your partner are finally together, you’ll realize that all those days separated were so so worth it. Just like any other relationship, compromise plays a big role when you and your partner are in different time zones, which can make things tricky.So after all these months, these are the key elements I’ve learned and have come to know very well on dealing with being in a long-distance military relationship. For example, since I am ahead in time by five hours, I stay up late and sacrifice a couple hours of sleep to talk to him.My boyfriend and I are both very busy so it’s important that we both compromise on things like how long we talk, who texts/calls first, things we do for each other, etc. There’s no doubt that you’ll find nights where you’re alone in bed missing them and wondering what they’re doing and wishing they were there with you.It’s very important to understand where each person stands and to find a middle ground otherwise you’ll end in fights that could’ve been prevented. Long-distance relationships alone can be hard, so that makes long-distance military relationships that much harder. One thing my boyfriend always reminds me is that “it can always be worse”.In fact, I learned more about him in those 13 weeks than I did in the whole year I knew him before we started dating. Now, depending on which training he is in, I get to talk to him almost every day.This is great and because we know each other so well we can easily tell when the other is upset.But, I know every relationship is unique what might work great for me might not work at all for you! After almost nine months of being in a long-distance military relationship, I’ve learned a thing or two; one of those things being that it can be extremely tough.

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