Consolidating oracle linux system z

Description: 0K Servers Shares by Key Vendor •System z has nearly doubled its share since Q400 from 17% to 32%.

It wasn't until the fall of 2005 that the agency actually bought a mainframe -- a z9 Enterprise Class (EC) -- to start the first phase of the project.

They were already a mainframe shop, with five z/890s, one z/800 and one S/390 G5.

But they also had more than 400 Unix servers from Hewlett-Packard Co. and were looking for ways to whittle that number down.

"On the midrange servers, there were some problems," said IT director Marc Plamondon.

"We have about a 100-server increase per year on average, and we have many operating systems -- AIX, Solaris -- so it's a good thing to standardize on Linux, because it's going to be used more, not only on the z/VM platform, but everywhere." Moving Linux to mainframe takes time The project started way back in 2003 when IT officials from the Quebec province sat down at a presentation given by IBM mainframers.

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