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Tools That Help Professionals Facilitate the Reflective Process.

Berry College’s Teacher Education program is approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission and has been cited as a model of excellence by Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education.


In other words, the endpoint of reflective process supports self-satisfaction. How can the reflective process be harnessed for program improvement in the college setting and in individual faculty practices? What Is Reflection, Its Capacity and Why It Is Important? Characteristics of Reflection among College Teachers. Teachers at the post-secondary level also must remain current in their fields, and for this reason they perform research, engage in discussion with colleagues and attend academic conferences.Course loads for community college teachers are often higher than those for teachers in 4-year institutions, because their research requirements tend to be lower.By: Rachel Wlodarsky, Ashland University Howard Walters, Ashland University A volume in the series: Innovative Perspectives of Higher Education: Research, Theory and Practice. This book explicitly ties the literature to the practical concerns and recommendations related to applying the reflective process in a college setting. Published 2013 Higher education is facing many challenges, not least of which is retaining excellent faculty and cultivating their continued professional growth. Teachers who earn a degree from Berry College must model these roles in their classrooms and support all children in exploring their cognitive and affective growth.Teachers facilitate learning through effective use of technology, selection of appropriate content materials, and implementation of a wide range of instructional strategies.Unlike professors, who work in 4-year colleges and universities, the focus for these professionals is more often on teaching, with less emphasis on research and publication.Most community colleges require teachers to have a master's degree or at least graduate study in the subject to be taught.In addition, many of our graduates begin master’s degree programs within one to two years while continuing to teach.Learning from Experience Berry’s teacher education program is grounded in the liberal arts but also is rich in the wisdom of practicing teachers.

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