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Kuching (Sarawak), Tuesday, 15 August 2017 – CMS Roads Sdn Bhd today moved to confirm that they are not only on track but ahead of schedule to meet their ‘Baram Regatta’ commitment of having a tar-sealed road stretching 15.95km from Kilometre Marker 0 to Kilometre Marker 15.950.

CMS Construction & Road Maintenance Division’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lim Jit Yaw, said: “Overall, this challenging project will take 30 months to complete.

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Before the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a final rule expanding and updating Conditions of Participation (Co Ps) for home health agencies (HHAs) early in 2017, those conditions had stood without major revision for almost two decades.These narrow roads need to be widened and the bases of the widened areas also need to be reinforced.” “When we drew-up the 30-month plan, we factored in all of these variables such as difficult earthworks, equipment accessibility for our heavy machinery and also severe adverse weather into the equation.We are currently 14.81% ahead of the 30-month schedule.This is not the case as the proposed road varies from steep hills to flood-prone low-lying swamplands.In most of these cases, the gradient of the hills does not meet safe road criteria, whereas the swamplands can be below flood levels.It is merely an identifier used to locate the icons to show in the UI.So the locale icons can also be used to represent something project-specific.The overall pricetag for HHAs to fully implement the new requirements is estimated to nudge past 3 million in the first year, and over 0 million in years following.According to the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, which supports the proposed postponement, the average estimated cost of an individual HHA to align with the new Co Ps is ,000.In a recently-released rule, the CMS has proposed a six-month delay in implementing the new Co Ps, which would put the effective date at January 13, 2018.In reference to public comments regarding the final rule for Co P implementation and the reason for the delay, the CMS said, “We believe that the concerns expressed in the inquiries have merit.” In addition to the delay in updated Co P rule fulfillment, the CMS is proposing to similarly postpone the effective date for data-driven performance improvement projects to January of 2018.

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