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In a recently-released rule, the CMS has proposed a six-month delay in implementing the new Co Ps, which would put the effective date at January 13, 2018.

Tar-sealing the 15.95km stretch of road that facilitates the Baram Regatta is one such priority.Kuching (Sarawak), Tuesday, 15 August 2017 – CMS Roads Sdn Bhd today moved to confirm that they are not only on track but ahead of schedule to meet their ‘Baram Regatta’ commitment of having a tar-sealed road stretching 15.95km from Kilometre Marker 0 to Kilometre Marker 15.950.CMS Construction & Road Maintenance Division’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lim Jit Yaw, said: “Overall, this challenging project will take 30 months to complete.The overall pricetag for HHAs to fully implement the new requirements is estimated to nudge past 3 million in the first year, and over 0 million in years following.According to the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, which supports the proposed postponement, the average estimated cost of an individual HHA to align with the new Co Ps is ,000.With the years taking their toil, the Miri to Marudi road has long been deteriorating under natural conditions and unavoidable wear and tear.The road is currently undergoing a full rehabilitation to raise standards, improve safety and make for a more enjoyable driving experience for road users./en-gb: jcr:primary Type: frontend:pluginconfig country: gb language: en /translation-en: jcr:primary Type: frontend:pluginconfig hippo:language: en hippo:message: UK English /translation-nl: jcr:primary Type: frontend:pluginconfig hippo:language: nl hippo:message: Brits Engels It is possible to provide custom icons if the standard flag icons are not sufficient, or no flag icon is available out-of-the-box for a certain desired locale.The following countries already have an icon available: ae, ar, at, au, be, bg, br, ca, ch, cn, cy, cz, de, dk, ee, es, fi, fr, gb, gr, hu, id, ie, in, ir, it, jp, kr, lt, lu, lv, mt, mx, nl, no, nz, pk, pl, pt, ro, ru, sa, se, sg, si, sk, tr, ua, uk (deprecated: use 'gb' instead), us, za Note that the "country" property in the locale provider service configuration does not have to be a real country code.The Interpretive Guidelines are regularly used by home health agencies, state survey agencies and accreditation agencies to better understand the Co Ps, and have been an essential tool to ensure appropriate implementation and compliance.” Among the legislators addressing providers’ request for more time to comply is New York Congressman John Faso.Faso sent CMS Administrator Seema Verma a letter late last month urging the agency to push back the new Co P effective date.

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