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None of this is news in a movie musical (or music videos, for that matter, a form notoriously mastered by both Cher and Aguilera).

The musical might offer a semblance of plot, with dialogue and locations to prop up the songs and dances, but expectations of the genre are specific.

"You may not be guilty, but you're ready to confess." Watching Ali yearn and glisten, you're sympathetic: this is Cher at her Cher-iest. At this point, just a few minutes into Burleseque, you may be forgiven for imagining the film will be all right.

For you know that as balls-out entertaining as Cher can be in such outsized moments, she can also turn ironic, wry, even subtle, in her own Cher-ish way.

Burlesque, the movie proposes, works by simultaneous excess and constraint, a sublime artifice comprised of bodies posed with beads and sequins and feathers.

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After stumbling upon The Burlesque Lounge, a majestic but ailing theater that is home to an inspired musical revue, Ali lands a job as a cocktail waitress from Tess (Cher), the club's proprietor and headliner.C.”Elle that his co-stars were not welcoming to the new guy." data-reactid="19"Turns out, the experience wasn't such a pleasant one.Gigandet recalled to Elle that his co-stars were not welcoming to the new guy.Now, Ali wants to be real, even as she must be fake.The conceit isn't uninteresting: girls playing drag queens, really all wanting to be Cher, a performer of exquisite limits.The movie checks off the requisite steps: Ali's got only 80-some minutes left to find a boyfriend, save the club, school a bad coworker, and forge a friendship with her mother-figure-mentor Tess.First, she must learn what burlesque means, appreciate the heritage she's about to claim as her own, and so the film provides a 90-second montage to Ali's research (she lies on her bed and leafs through magazines and actual books, as opposed to, say, googling). For years working with lesser talents, Tess insists that customers only want to see girls in their underwear genuflecting to Marilyn Monroe, not hear them.But the movie capitulates here, pretending that Tess needs her new star in order to save her business, which she loves more than any man or woman.Tess' devotion to burlesque supersedes all her other interests, and everyone in her circle enables her.Desperate for a job, a chance to "be up there" the same as the other writhing girls, Ali asks the pretty boy bartender, Jack (Cam Gigandet), whom she has to "flirt with" to get it. The simple answer is that Ali has a show to put on.He gestures backstage, tells her to ask for Tess: "She's your guy," he nods, "Flirt away." Perhaps missing the gender joke and certainly missing the point that flirting might be subtle, Ali barrels into the dressing room and starts yapping, inexorable. This is her fantasy, so everyone else might as well get out of her way.

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