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According to the scared Islamic text, marriage is considered a social contract between the bride and groom.Both the bride and groom are asked to give their consent to marriage before nikah, and they have to share duties and responsibilities after their marriage.Walis or witnesses must be present during nikah, and the fathers of the bride and groom act as walis.Certain Urdu verses are read by the priest, and the bride accepts the terms and conditions of the nikah naama in front of the relatives by saying “qabool kiya”, and the wedding will be announced.The duration of the wedding ceremony is about four days.

The dholki drum is the main percussion instrument that is played through out much of the ceremony.

Pakistani wedding traditions are based on rules that are defined in the Holy Quran, and it is assumed that they were developed some 1,400 years ago.

Traditional Pakistani Marriage celebrations last for four days.

Nonetheless, many rituals that are performed in Pakistani weddings are not mentioned in Islamic books, and it is believed that these rituals come from Hindu culture.

Some of the common customs found in Pakistani wedding are Mangni, Mayun, Uptan, Dolki, Rasm E Mehndi, Baraat, Nikah, Mooh Dikhai, Ruksati, Chauthi, and Walima.

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