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It’s going to grow from this point on,” said the mayor.

NYC First Lady Mc Cray, when asked what she thought of her New York sisters on the march, responded, “I love them!

“I love the fact that I cannot see the end of this,” said Whoopi Goldberg, speaking from the platform stage at W. Last year’s Women’s March, originally planned for Washington, DC, inspired same-day Women’s Marches across the globe, an organic uprising of millions who were stunned by the 2016 election that made Donald J. (Worldwide this year, 280 Women’s Marches filled the streets simultaneously.) The mood of that first March was reactionary — an outlet was needed to oppose the misogyny that threatened women’s reproductive rights, and equal rights in general.

“Our goal is to register one million women to vote by the November election,” Steinhardt explained, “We feel very strongly that women should know how to exercise their rights and the most basic example of that is voting.” On that initiative WMA is working with voter registration groups such as, Rock The Vote, and Voto Latino.

Alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist, Ihren Wunschpreis abzuwarten – und genau in dem Moment zuzuschlagen, bevor es ein anderer tut.

Belohnt werden Sie dafür mit einem Rabatt von bis zu 60 Prozent.

Täglich neue und wechselnde Auktionen bieten Angebote aus den Bereichen Wellness, Elektro, Möbel, Mobiles und vielem mehr zu einem Einstiegspreis, der im Laufe der Auktion immer weiter gesenkt wird.From her wheelchair Nadina La Spina, an activist for people with disabilities, told the marchers that the disabled are not spared from sexual assault by medical professionals, and also by those in academia.“I was made to feel that I should be grateful because I was not as good as a nondisabled woman,” she said, the injustice clear in her voice.You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be willing.” Repeated by several speakers was the reminder that this emerging movement is not about vengeance.Succinctly put by Bennett: “It’s about time, time for women to stand together, not just once a year but every day.” Sulma Arzu-Brown introduced herself as a Garifuna woman from Honduras, but she wears multiple hats as director of operations for the NYC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, co-owner of Boogie Down Grind Café in the Bronx, and author of “Bad Hair Does Not Exist! On the stage with her mother and two young daughters, Arzu-Brown spoke emotionally of the sacrifice her mother made by leaving her and her brother behind in Honduras to come to the USA. This 2018 Women’s March was a call to vote, to run for office, to speak out, and never be silenced. Resistance was needed to protect freedom of the press, an expected assault on the environment, and a feared crackdown on minority populations and immigrants. Reaction has become action, and a movement is under way.She also reminded that in the struggle for equal pay, disabled individuals earn 37 percent less overall than the able-bodied.(AG Schneiderman had noted that achieving equal pay for equal work was fighting the existing “Seventh-five cents on the dollar if you’re a white woman, 63 cents if you’re an African-American woman, 54 cents if you’re a Latina.”) The moment when a hush fell over the crowd was when the singer Halsey approached the microphone to share her poem, “A Story Like Mine,” her memories of being sexually assaulted as a child; sitting with her best friend in the waiting room of Planned Parenthood after her friend had been raped; being forced to have sex with a “boyfriend”; performing onstage after a miscarriage; and realizing that her celebrity is not a protection from sexual abuse.THIS IS HOW A CULTURE CHANGES | From the stage, newly-elected New Jersey Freeholder Ashley Bennett, a psychiatric emergency screener attending grad school, shared the story of how she had seen New Jersey Freeholder John Carman post a meme during last year’s Women’s March that read: “Will the women’s protest end in time for them to cook dinner?” Bennett was offended, and although she had never been in politics she was inspired by the 2017 Women’s March to run for Carman’s seat.

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