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Penn and Blake started dating in 2008, around the second year of Gossip Girl . 11 08 - A look back at all the guys Emma Roberts has been linked to before her relationship with Evan Peters. Chace Crawford has had 13 relationships dating back to 2003. 14 08 - MTV News looks back at LC's relationship history from 'Laguna' to . On Monday, it was revealed that Chace Crawford is reportedly dating his Blood and Oil co-star Rebecca Rittenhouse.

18 05 - Carrie Underwood says dating Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford back in . red with the likes of Chace Crawford , Cory Monteith and "Teen Wolf". 19 08 - After dating Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo eventually . Ashley Greene is 1 year younger than Chace Crawford . 24 08 - Chace Crawford got hot and heavy with rumored girlfriend Rebecca . Read on to catch up on Nina's dating history - both the confirmed relationships .

Actors dating other actors is not a surprise in Hollywood.

They run in the same circles, so why not, you know?

They’re spending hours upon hours with one another, so it’s practically an inevitability.

In Gossip Girl Ed Westwick played a villain, who was always having some beautiful woman around his place.

The 32-year-old actor is set to co-star alongside Antony Starr, Dominique Mc Elligott, Jessie T.

Jessie will play The Seven member A-Train, a superhero faster than a speeding train.

A CW star and former South African President both celebrate birthdays today. While the origins of 420 remain hotly debated, but no matter where the term came from, peeps associate it with smoking massive amounts of the marijuana! Your arrest for marijuana possession didn't even make THG's Top 10 favorite marijuana scandals ... Note that there are plenty of pot smokers out there who don't appear here simply because they haven't been busted for their antics. In honor of Gossip Girl wrapping its 100th episode, the whole cast assembled for dinner ...

First, Chace Crawford - who just started shooting Gossip Girl Season 6 - turns 27, as fans don't need to worry about gifting him with anyone aside from their best wishes. Erin Andrews and Chace Crawford are dating, according to reports. and we pit Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley in a Fashion Face-Off!

Actor Chace Crawford, 22, is a former model and one of the leads in much-hyped US teenage soap opera Gossip Girl. Crawford’s other credits include Loaded, a straight-to-DVD action film, which co-starred Jesse Metcalfe and Vinnie Jones. Suddenly, we were surrounded by hundreds of teenage girls. There was a massive doughnut of girls around our trailers. I met her agents and they wanted to work with me straightaway. I got a movie in 2005 and gave acting my shot as soon as I could. They play it so loud you can’t even talk in the store and they blast the place with cologne, you can smell it from a block away. I didn’t model for Abercrombie but I did for Hollister, their brother store, when I was in high school.

Gossip Girl can be seen on Thursdays at 10pm on ITV2. They feel entitled to go insane when they’re in a big group and they were throwing love letters at us. I was doing broadcast journalism and marketing at college. I know all the theories of layers of personalities and communication skills. Gossip Girl isn’t massive like 90210, it isn’t iconic like 90210 and it’s not going to last a decade. Actors can do both now – they couldn’t 15 years ago. It’s aimed at younger teenagers, so I didn’t have to take my clothes off. You haven’t made it unless there’s been a gay rumour about you. They take your picture with someone and then say you’re having a relationship with them.

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